Sidereal Accuracy, Gemini Compatibility and Cancer Haters!


If Sidereal is the accurate Astrology…

Why is the Tropical method the one most people use? And why do I relate so much more to my tropical chart.

Sidereal is “accurate” in the mathematical sense – the positions of the planets in a sidereally calculated chart are REALLY where they are in the REAL sky. It doesn’t necessarily mean that non-sidereal calculations are *interpretively* inaccurate.

The reason why you feel that tropical is the system most people use is because of your own cultural background. If you went to China almost NOBODY there would have any idea what you were talking about with a tropical chart – and China is certainly a large country with a very important history pertaining to the science of astrology. If you went to India, EVERYONE would be using the sidereal zodiac. India is also a huge country with an extremely important role in the history of astrology. So in other words, Tropical astrology seems so dominant to you because of where you live.

It’s like if you stood in downtown Brooklyn and said, “Well supposedly American’s talk with a Texas accent. But if that’s true why don’t I hear it from anyone?”

As for your relating to tropical astrology more than sidereal astrology. You should realize that this may just be due to the fact that you been thinking along the lines of what your Tropical chart has said for a very long time. New information is usually difficult to grasp simply because it is new. The sidereal chart is showing you new information. Also please realize that you are not doing sidereal astrology just by converting your tropical chart to a sidereal zodiac! When you do a sidereal chart it is not very helpful unless you look at it from a sidereal perspective. There is a reason why both sidereal and tropical astrology can yeild accurate results: because they both have systems of interpretation developed around them which maximize their strengths. So to take your chart and set it to sidereal, but continue to look at it through a tropical system will just wind up being confusing. And really this is why many people walk away from sidereal astrology saying, “it doesn’t work.” or “It doesn’t make sense.” or “It doesn’t seem to apply to me.”

Gemini’s compatible with Libras and Aquarians???

Why do they say that Geminis (me) are compatible with Libras & Aquas cause I know a lot of Libras & Aquas and I was with a Libra and trust me, didn’t work for me.

It will help you a lot if you realize that astrology consists not just of one “sign”. It consists of at least 9 planets in 12 possible signs. In compatibility and relationships, 4 of them are very important:

  • The Ascendant (Rising Sign) is very important for practical compatibility
  • The Moon (Moon Sign) for emotional compatibility, VERY important
  • Venus for sensual compatibility
  • The Sun for ideological compatibility, the least important of the 4

The fact of the matter is that Gemini is compatible with the other air signs, Libra and Aquarius. And has spontaneous attraction to the opposite, fire sign, Sagittarius (though they may hate that fact). However when you say “Joe is Aquarius” you are just refering to the sign of his Sun. His Sun may be in a position that is compatible with your Sun, but you will still feel him to be a total jerk if his Moon, and/or Ascendant and/or Venus are in positions that are incompatible with yours.

Think about it for a while, it will make complete sense. I hope this helps.

I’m a Leo. Why is it so difficult for me to see any value in Cancers?

Because Cancer is the 12th House in relation to Leo.

I happen to love cancers and all sorts of people, and I would suggest that you need to deepen your understanding of astrology to help you deepen your understanding of people.

What if you were STUCK in an elevator with a GEMINI?

What would you do???

Just enjoy it. Gemini would come up with some game to play, or something. After a while they might freak out at being held in one place for so long. Then I would probably get the chance to talk and say something practical and stabilizing (Capricorn) =)

– Vic DiCara