Why Does the Moon Indicate Finances?

The Moon is the mind.

The mind evaluates things as either “positive” or “negative.”

This causes the mind to have desires for the positive stuff and against the negative stuff.

These desires cause emotions, which boil down to: happiness when we acquire the positive stuff and avoid the negative stuff, and unhappiness when we can’t.

It’s the “desires” part of the mind that makes the Moon a vaiṣya planet – a planet indicating finances. Desires inspire us to earn money (etc) so we can attain the stuff we want and get rid of the problems we don’t want. In other words, earning money is a means to fulfill desire, and therefore the moon is crucially involved in how well one earns money.

(The other vaiṣya planet is Mercury, because it governs our ability to exchange, which includes trade and commerce.)

Learning Astrology means Learning Life

Learn astrology and it will change your whole way of thinking about life. Don’t think of this as “learning astrology.” Astrology is for understanding life so if you are learning astrology you are actually learning about life. When you understand how to combine and modify the symbols of astrology you will understand how all the various factors of life combine and interact with one another. You will see the world in a very new way. Much clearer. Much more sensible and simple.

– Vic DiCara


A Main Principle of Reading Astrological Charts

The main principle is: should lords of houses with similar themes combine, that combination is significant. If the combination is blessed (nice house, nice dignity for the planets involved, nice aspects) the effect to the theme is positive, and visa versa.
The potency of the combination rests (a) on the potency of the planets forming it and (b) if it is “multiplied” by “recurring” when the ascendant is shifted to the moons location, and again to the sun’s location.
- Vic DiCara

Why Does Saturn Like to be in Libra?

QUESTION: “I am still not clear why Libra gives such a good platform for Saturn to develop all their good qualities. Why is it that the resources of Libra fit so good for Saturn expression?”

MY REPLY: Venus (the owner of Libra) is ideal for Saturn. Venus is the only planet generous and kind enough to take good care of cranky old Saturn. By associating with Venus Saturn feels warmer, loved, and less harsh.

Libra and Saturn are both air-elementals.

Libra is Cardinal, which helps Saturn move in a direction with great tenacity (as opposed to just standing still stubbornly, or stubbornly refusing to come to any decision. Cardinal is the best modality for Saturn as it counterbalances Saturn’s slowness).

Libra is the 7th sign, which correlates to the West, which is where Saturn is strong.

Most of all: Libra is the sign of equality and fairness, Saturn is the Śudra (proletariat) – the person who benefits most from equality and fairness.

– Vic DiCara


New Book, With Chapter on Yugas, Etc.

I just published a new book, Varāha, Vidura, & Kapila. It has a chapter explaining the large units of time like yugas and kalpas, as well as the ordinary units like years and months, and also the scientific units going down into milliseconds. It’s a translation of Bhāgavata Purāṇa. You can get it through my bhakti-yoga website: vrajakishor.com

Omens of Ill Portent

Today I considered one astrological omen of evil, found in Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.17.14.

grahān puṇyatamān anye
bhagaṇāṁś cāpi dīpitāḥ
aticerur vakra-gatyā
yuyudhuś ca parasparam

“Inauspicious planets moved retrograde into inauspicious constellations, to overlap and conquer the light of the auspicious planets.”

By the way, this occurred amidst a string of many other omens in the earth and weather during the birth of the two original Demon-kings, Hiraṇyākṣa and Hiraṇyakāśipu. Another astrological omen coincident was unusual repetition of eclipses (see 3.17.8)

If I analyze this statement, the underlying condition is a graha-yudha, a “war of planets.” This condition occurs when two planets try to move into the same space.

Next, the outcome of the war is that all the auspicious planets are defeated by the inauspicious planets. Defeat in war occurs to the planet who has lower declination, and/or is otherwise very “dim” (without bāla). It is rare for Venus to be defeated, but Mars may have been able to have significantly higher declination and significantly higher ṣaḍ-bāla and accomplish the task. Or, Venus may not be included here. After all there are three auspicious planets (Mercury, Jupiter and Venus) and there are three inauspicious planets (Sun, Saturn, and Mars). The Sun is not very inauspicious and also does not get involved in these planetary wars. So there are only two inauspicious planets for graha-yuddha, Saturn and Mars. Therefore probably Venus was somewhere else, perhaps combust and involved in the repeated eclipses. Most likely Mercury was defeated by Saturn and Jupiter by Mars.

Finally, there may be another stipulation regarding the stellar location of these planetary battles. The Sanskrit seems to indicate that the defeat of auspicious planets took place in inauspicious constellations. It is not clear to me exactly what this means, as different constellations are auspicious for some things and inauspicious for others. However, my best guess is that it refers to the cruel nakṣatra: Bharani, Magha, Purva Phalguni, Purva Ashadha, and Purva Bhadrapada. And perhaps could also include the fierce nakṣatra: Ardra, Aśleṣa, Mūla, Jyeṣṭhā.

The most abstract lesson to take away is (1) multiple bad signs is a lot more important than a single bad sign — here we have the same bad thing (defeat of a benefic by a malefic) happening twice. (2) When bad things happen in bad surroundings, its even worse (here we have these wars happening in difficult constellations).

This second principle shouldn’t be confused with “bad things happening to bad things/places.” That generates good results. We are talking about bad things happening in bad places.

– Vic DiCara



QUESTION: Would you say that my migraines are indicated by the proximity of Rahu to the Moon, or by the proximity of Mercury to Mars, or by the position of the sun?

MY REPLY: Migraines affect the “head” in a mental sense: the brain / mind. Mind = moon and brain / nervous system = Mercury. These two need to be afflicted to get problems like migraines. Normally I would expect Rahu/Ketu to be one of the afflicting factors. And another contributor to the affliction should be Mars, for pain, tension, too much energy. For example If you get Moon and Mercury lining up with Rahu/Ketu (or clustered near Rahu or Ketu), and additionally theres a conjunction or aspect of Mars — There is a recipies indicating mind/nervous disorders like migraines.

So far this only concerns planets. Confirmation needs to be there from houses, too. The 5th house is for the brain. The 6th house is illness. So add the 5th lord to Moon and Mercury as one of the focal points subject to affliction from Rahu/Ketu and another malefic (Sun, Saturn, or Mars, particularly Mars). Add the 6th lord as one of the malefics who can cause the affliction.

And look at the 5th house itself. Is it afflicted in the above manner?

When you get some of the above, predict milder migraines which aren’t constant and lifelong. When you get all of the above, predict severe lifelong migraines.

– Vic DiCara


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