Jupiter, You Fool!

Q:  My jupiter is in Capricorn. I’ve heard that it’s therefore pointless to teach me anything. If Jupiter in Capricorn were the only thing in your chart, then you would definitely be a faithless, negative, self-serving yet self-defeating fool. But there isn’t a single person in existence who has only one planet in their horoscope, and only in […]

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Water Signs are “Brahmana”?

Q: Recently I was told that  water signs are brahmana  (intellectual) signs, fire signs are ksatriya (leadership) signs, earth signs are vaisya (economic) signs and air signs are sudra (laberor) signs. Furthermore, Pisces is the highest bhramana sign, then Cancer, then Scorpio.  Sagittarius is the highest kshatriya sign, then Leo and then Aries. Taurus is the highest vaisya sign, then Virgo, then […]

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Charging Money for Astrology

A fellow astrologer asked: I have heard from many that if anyone charges for an astrology consultation they will have to go through 25% of destiny of that person. But from others, I have heard  that one should not disrespect astrology as profession and must not do it for free.  I don’t know which one to […]

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