Astro Depression (and Cures)

Many people get depressed about their birth chart. From my perspective, I usually can see why they would be depressed, but can also usually see at least one or two significant reasons they shouldn’t be entirely depressed. That’s the real interesting part, psychologically: a chart will show very negative and very positive situations – but […]

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Sidereal or Tropical Transits?

Let’s say someone has Saturn at 13º Taurus. If we change this to a sidereal coordinate it would be about 20º Aries.  This shows that 13º Taurus tropical is the same place as 20ºAries sidereal. Saturn does not change its position, only our way of describing that position changes. So, let’s say, on a certain date […]

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Saturn in the Fifth House

Well, if Saturn is in the 5th house, close to the cusp, it will powerfully aspect the 7th, 11th and 2nd house (according to Vedic aspects). There is a synergistic theme in all these houses: 5 is about love, 7 is about partnership, 11 is about pleasure and 2 is about family. So, Saturn placed […]

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Questions about Raja Yogas

Question: When kendra [angle] and trikona [trine] lords are together classics say Raj Yoga is formed. But, does raj yoga give results if it formed in dusthana houses – like the 12th house? Raja yoga gives results through the bhāva(s)  [house(s)] in which it exists. It can give the results through the dusthana houses, or […]

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