Charging Money for Astrology

A fellow astrologer asked: I have heard from many that if anyone charges for an astrology consultation they will have to go through 25% of destiny of that person. But from others, I have heard  that one should not disrespect astrology as profession and must not do it for free.  I don’t know which one to […]

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Nakshatra Exaltations?

Here are a few good questions (with my replies) about the relationship of the sidereal nakṣatra (Vedic fixed stars) to the tropical rāśī (zodiac signs). Question: You present the idea that nakshatras and rasis are not intrinsically connected, but I have read that Chandra [the Moon] is exalted in Rohini [Aldebaron]. So does the point of exaltation move with the […]

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Astro Depression (and Cures)

Many people get depressed about their birth chart. From my perspective, I usually can see why they would be depressed, but can also usually see at least one or two significant reasons they shouldn’t be entirely depressed. That’s the real interesting part, psychologically: a chart will show very negative and very positive situations – but […]

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