What are the Veda?

I’ve made this video to give you an inside look into my course on the Veda, entitled Śāstra and Bhakti, “The Role of Sacred Text in Gauḍīya Bhakti.” There are four different ways you can take the course: by self-study, guided-study, group-classes, or private classes. All four include PDF notes for each session. These notes […]

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Vedic Astrology vs. Vedic Astrology

QUESTION: So if I am understanding correctly, you calculate the signs using tropical astro and nakshatras using Vedic? “Vedic” means “belonging to the Veda,” it doesn’t mean “sidereal.”  I calculate as I have understood the Sūrya Siddhānta and Vedic Purāṇa: tropical for signs and with ayanāṁśa for the sidereal nakṣatra. QUESTION: How is puranic or […]

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Magic Gems and Karma?

Question: Situations manifest in our lives as karmaphala, due to our previous deeds. However, many people say that after they put on a gemstone or started worshipping some Demigod, things changed for them. My Reply: People in general are amazingly ignorant (avidyā) of themselves and their world. We cannot take their testimony very seriously. We take the testimony […]

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