Gemini – Key Symbolic Traits

Vic DiCara explains the key symbolic traits of Gemini, and WHY it has those traits – a result of combining the symbolisms of its ruler (Mercury), element (air), and mode (dual). He also clarifies that no person is a single sign – Gemini or any other. The signs are areas of space, and planets in […]

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Signs, Subdivisions, and Houses

Are you ready for Episode 8 of “Astro Q&A w/ Vic DiCara”? Because… it’s ready for you! 1) “I’m a Taurus and so-and-so is a Virgo…” 2) Is Western Astrology wrong and Hindu Astrology correct? 3) What houses represent which family members? 4) Can you share a little know fact about the houses? 5) What […]

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The Key Traits of Aries

Vic DiCara explains the key traits of Aries: SELF-DETERMINATION, supported by bold decisiveness and ambitious independence. He shows how these traits are, like in any sign, the result of symbolic combinations between the owner of the sign, its element, and its ruler.

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Sexual Orientation, Evil Houses, Hellfire, and more! (Ep. Six of my Astro Q&A show)

How does astrology work? My book, Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology, is all about this. Essentially, Astrology is a way that the universe lets us know what “karmas” will unfold for us. “Karmas” are the results in this life of deeds weve done, and decisions we’ve made, in our past lives. The planets don’t “do” […]

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