New Course: Definition of Reality

What is reality? What is consciousness? What is God? How are they all related, and how can we realize it all, firsthand? In this class we explore practical, deep, inspiring answers to these questions from Jīva Gosvāmī’s brilliant exposition on Bhāgavata, the Tattva Sandarbha. We will see the vision of reality Vyāsa himself saw in […]

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Citra Nakshatra – Star of Fascination

Explore the Vedic star of creative fascination and mesmerizing, multifaceted, beautiful detail. Vic DiCara helps you understand the Vedic divinity within Citra: Tvaṣṭā – the god of creativity and ingenuity; and, by explaining the fascinating relationship between Tvaṣṭā (creativity itself) and Brahmā (the creator), Vic reveals the relationship between Citra, Rohinī and the Phālgunī, on […]

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Followups on Hasta Nakshatra

This is a reply to some questions recieved regarding my video on Hasta Naksatra Q: Is Savita the same as Surya? There are many gods connected to the Sun, all the children of Aditi, because the Sun is such a crucial symbol. It is so crucial because it symbolizes consciusness, which is the most important thing that […]

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Some Rahu / Ketu Q & A

Q: Do the nodes [Rahu and Ketu] have dignity? If so, how do we calculate it. If not, how to we assess their positivity or negativity. We still have to consider the positivity and negativity of Rahu and Ketu, but we don’t calculate it in the same way as with other planets because Rahu and […]

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