Astrological Caste System?


I just want to quickly say that you cannot declare what someone’s “varna” is by looking at their horoscope! Especially not by simply looking at the Nakshatra of their moon. If you want to get some idea of where they most likely are on the spectrum of various varnas, for the purpose of selecting an ideal career – you can do that, if you blend the nakshatra in with the varnas of the rashi, navamsha, and planets. Here is an old example I once gave in this regard: Career Assessment in Vedic Astrology.

You cannot look at a horoscope and say – “you are a shudra” or “you are a vaishya” etc. etc. It is absolutely preposterous to anyone who understands the difference between the pre-modern, corrupt caste system and the beautiful, ancient varna system. The horoscope is an artifact of an individual’s birth. Social status based on a factor of birth is caste. It is bogus. The varna system is based on actual behavior and character (“guna and karma“). That is why Krishna declares in Bhagavad Gita catur-varnyam maya srishtham, guna-karma-vibhagasa – “I created the four social classes, differentiated by character and behavior.”

Vic DiCara



  1. Haribol, Vic, what very nice information. Your explanation is beautiful and helps clarify the controversy surrounding The Lord’s Varna System! Thank you for this and everything you always give, may you be blessed to freely receive for all this good help you offer.


  2. Baba says:

    Ho Vic,

    Wanted to popst comment in the post “Getting Started with “Dasha” Timecycles” but somehow couldn’t find the comment link. Hence here.

    Just wanted to have your views in ashtakavarga system and I guess from your blog that u don’r relly read much into it.Is it the case ??? do u actually use Ashtakavarga



    1. Asthakvarga sounds like an excellent system. I have yet to implement a careful test of its actual capacities, because I have yet to fully study the correct implementation.


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