Global Economy Under Stars of Ill Portent… still.


RE: NY Times ~ Markets Fall Sharply Amid Fears on Debt and Jobs

Oh Jupiter, We Thought You Left Capricorn?

World economy continues to disappoint, despite Jupiter’s exit from the debilitating conditions he felt in for so long in Capricorn. Take a larger view, remember that we are heading overall to a significant change in human politics and culture in connection (at least roughly) with the 2012 border of human epochs (manushya yuga). Even when we get “improvements” and “reprieves” they are still going to be more or less pauses or slowdown on the downward graph till we hit the crisis point which catalysts the significant change on the political and cultural face of the world.

Sorry if that sounds like “debbie downer.” I actually feel happy and inspired about it. I like change and I know it will be, after all, a positive change in so many important ways.

But let’s get back to today, and look how Jupiter is being hammered in the ocean of the heaven’s karmic play.

Jupiter is the gray symbol that looks like a “4”. See all the lines pointing at him? He is in Aquarius, which is a neutral sign for him, but Saturn is far away, in Virgo – which makes Jupiter’s reception in Aquarius (Saturn’s home) colder and more unwelcome. Moreover Saturn is glancing at Jupiter with a quincunx aspect – which is a 6th/8th house effect. The result is that the hard, unyielding realities of the world will not run away from a flurry of hope or optimism. Saturn intends to teach Jupiter several lessons about sociology (Aquarius, the 11th House) and the need to be pessimistic, reserved, cautious and prudent rather than boastful, hopeful, strident and brash – throwing invented money after real debt and hoping to some how spend away a debt.

Moreover Jupiter has come into square-related aspects (the half-square w/ Rahu and square-and-a-half w/ Ketu, to avoid the forgettable Latin-ish names for these). Squares are rigid aspects, sturdy. But the nodes are anything but sturdy. So this aspect is influencing world economy to be unable to achieve the stability it requires, and also to have significant problems with stability even when it does appear (for example, please see NYT’s article: China Rejects U.S. Complaints on Its Currency)

With Mercury in the condition he currently finds himself in – one foot in Sagittarius, the other stepping into Capricorn while opposing Ketu and conjunct Rahu – communication and diplomacy are losing their vigor and then making ill-planned outbursts.

– Vic DiCara