Sidereal, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorns, Relationships, Ascendant Aspects, & Mars Transits


Tropical & Sidereal – Same Aspects?

I did a calculation for my sidereal natal chart, the houses & aspects are exactly the same in my tropical chart, the only difference is the signs in the planets. Is the Tropical & Sidereal such similar methods that the houses & aspects don’t change?

When you do a sidereal chart it is not very helpful unless you look at it from a sidereal perspective. There is a reason why both sidereal and tropical astrology can yeild accurate results: because they both have systems of interpretation developed around them which maximize their strengths. So to take your chart and set it to sidereal, but continue to look at it through a tropical system will just wind up being confusing. And really this is why many people walk away from sidereal astrology saying, “it doesn’t work.” or “It doesn’t make sense.” or “It doesn’t seem to apply to me.”

So when you want to see your sidereal astrology you should learn the sidereal system, or even go to a sidereal astrologer. Here are a few important fundamentals:

– Sidereal astrology relies on the whole sign house system

– The interrelationship of various house lords is very useful in interpreting sidereal charts. Much more than in tropical charts.

– The system of aspects is different, because sidereal planets influence signs themselves, not just planets within orb. In general every planet influences the 7th sign from it, but the outer planets also influence/aspect two additional houses.

There’s a bunch to learn about, but it is extremely well worth it, and I encourage you to devote some effort to it.

As for the aspects of the tropical system… these measure the number of degrees between one planet and the other. It pertains to the distance from one planet to the other, not to the placement of those planets in the zodiac. So changing the method of calculating the zodiac will not affect it. If your Jupiter is 90º away from your Moon, it will ALWAYS be 90º away from your Moon regardless if you are using a zodiac system that is Tropical, Sidereal, Draconic, etc. etc.

A simple way to understand the difference between the Sidereal and Tropical zodiac is that the Tropical zodiac has currently slipped just about 24º *ahead* of where the real constellation-based zodiac borders are. So subtracting 24º from every point in your tropical chart (including Ascendant, and Midheaven, they are no exception) will give you the real / sidereal location of the bodies in your chart. As I said, though, to make SENSE out of those locations you need to view them through a sidereal astrological perspective. I highly suggest Vedic astrology for that perspective, though I admit it is quite frustrating sometimes finding a reasonable and somewhat engaging explanation of how to do Vedic astrology.

I am currently writing a book on Vedic / Universal Astrology! =)

Is Sagittarius a good sign?

Every sign is both good and bad. Every sign has strengths and weaknesses. Sagittarius has inherent strength towards moral experimentation, growth and learning, but has some weaknesses as well. For example Venus is the closest Sagittarius has to an outright enemy. She owns the 11th and 6th Houses from Sagittarius and therefore tends to present challenges and blessings concerning the mixing of friends and enemies. Sagittarius is a place in which friends can act like enemies and be argumentative, but where enemies can be made peace with and turned into friends. Often this is a cyclic experience.

Why dont Cancer men say what they feel when it comes to love?

Always beating around the bush. I just want to shake the **** out of them!

Cancer is the 4th house of the zodiac… the 4th sign. Therefore it is quite shy and private. Why are you asking Cancer influenced people to rip off their emotional clothes in front of you? It’s not fair to them. What you can learn from Cancer is to calm down, take your time, and let the “clothes” come off gradually, with trust, and in time.


As for those who report “Cancers” not acting like this. Remember that you are only talking about their Sun sign. A person who is strongly influenced by Cancer will act like this (unless their planets are very unusually positioned). The strongest influence is to have the Ascendant in Cancer, the Next is the Moon in Cancer. The next is the ascendant lord in Cancer. Then comes the Sun in Cancer…

Why are Capricorns and Leos attracted to each other?

They are NOT attracted to one another.

What you are probably doing, though, is referring to two people with **Sun** signs of Capricorn and Leo. These individuals may be attracted to one another **in spite of** their incompatible Sun signs, because their Moons & Ascendants are in compatible alignments.

When you look at a natal chart do you make an interpretation Of how the person may be?

Say you were to meet someone (a stranger and only know their gender and age), and were given their natal chart to possibly make an interpretation of how they would be, would you? Do you believe that you would be right? If they were an Gemini, for example, known to be talkative, would you suddenly become talkative yourself? Take on extroverted characteristics to accommodate them, yourself to them? If there were Square aspects from Mercury to other placements, how would you interpret that? A slow mind? Would you feel superior to them thinking that those aspects may make them have trouble communicating, learning, etc? Just as an example, again.

It really doesn’t matter if you do or don’t because whether you know what’s happening between you or not, it’s going to happen. In general I think it is an EXCELLENT idea to look into the chart and interpret it as you outlined in your question, so that you can be proactive and productive about the destinies that will unfold in your relationship. Although in practical reality, you would probably only want to do this with relationships you consider very important unless you have a lot of extra money to pay an astrologer, a lot of free time to spend developing trustworthy interpretations on your own, or a lot of naivety to put your trust in some free website.

Planets aspect Ascendant?

Since the Ascendant is about someone’s appearance, how would people view me based on the planets that aspect my Asc?

Sun trine Ascendant – orb +0.18

Mars trine Ascendant – orb +2.35

Pluto trine Ascendant – orb +2:53

Midheaven square Ascendant – orb -2.56

Mercury square Ascendant – orb -7.50

The Ascendant is not merely about the physical appearance. It is the tangible self. Part of that is physical appearance, but it is not everything.

Midheaven is quite often square to the ascendant. I would ignore that.

I would ignore pluto, because I am a traditionalist. =)

The Sun, Mars and Mercury will operate differently depending on how they are related to the planet who owns your rising sign. But to get a very rough starting point idea, the Sun will contribute some authority/confidence/ and interest in self-realization. Sun and Mars together will allow you to be commanding, self-determining, and a leader not a follower. Mercury squaring your ascendant will make you have some childlike faults and can cause you to have a somewhat impractical intellectual process. (Mercury’s orb is quite large, so it won’t be too strong an influence).

These are just starting points, but they should make some initial sense to you and ring some bells. To go further with this you need to read the whole chart as an integrated unit. You can’t really do more than make educated guesses without that.

Duration of Mars Transits

Do Mars transits to natal planets or points in chart usually last for 5 days within 1 degree? And is this when Mars energy is really felt? how this differs when Mars is in “retrograde”? is Mars usually slower in motion when in “retrograde”? why and how for this?

Mars moves at different speeds all the time, almost all the planets do. The Sun and Moon are the most constant. Therefore the duration of a Mars transit will always be different. If for example Mars pulls to Station and then retrograde over your chart point, the duration of that transit will be far greater than if he is just whipping by it in the middle of one retrograde to the next at full speed.

Mars travels at various speeds while in Retrograde. But a planet’s fastest speed is when moving forward. This is simply do to the ruberbanding effect of relative orbits. You could look it up in an astronomy textbook or website.

Transits are felt to build up and intensify as they “apply” which means as they come together / move closer in degree.

Planets are STRONGER when they move just a little under their top speed in either direction (forward or retrograde). This is an elaborate topic, you could start by looking up “Cesta Bala” (Strength of Motion) under the heading of “Shad Bala” (The Six Strengths of a Planet), but you will need a stiff black coffee, because it is extremely technical and arithmetical stuff.

Practically speaking Stations and slow motion are very important in transits – for exactly the reason you hint at in your question – it causes the planet to influence the particular points in chart for longer durations of time.

– Vic DiCara