The Life of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, March 14, 1879 at 10:50am in Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Vimshottari dasha cycles calculated according to the correct nakshatra year equivalent to 359.017 modern days.

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Einstein was an intellectual genius. He was born under Mercury’s sign, Gemini, with Mercury in the 10th house in a stupendous array of Power Combinations. Looking at Einstein’s eras, we find that he was born into the era of Mercury. The planet whose era we are born into has a more profound effect on our life, since it is active during the our formative years.

Einstein began really diving into scientific study at the age of ten. This is commensurate with the beginning of his Ketu period at the age of 9 years and 6 months. You will recall from studying Einstein’s horoscope in Unlocking the Meanings of a Horoscope that Rahu and Ketu are very connected with his passion for discovering the meaning of life. Thus, Ketu has the first chance to strongly make this effect, and took it, plunging Einstein into intense reading and private self-study.

Einstein moved with his family to a new country, from Germany to Italy, when he was approaching 16. This equates to the beginning of his Venus period, which began in his sixteenth year. Venus is the lord of Einstein’s twelfth house, causing him to dwell in a foreign place.

Einstein completes high school and university by 1900, and then finds himself unemployed and with a pregnant lover. This is during the Mars cycle of Venus’ era. Note that Venus is the lord of the 12th and Mars the lord of the 11th. This indicates that Einstein would need to enjoy (eleventh house) sexual pleasure (twelfth house) particularly during this time – but that the outcome would prove troublesome, particularly because Mars is also the lord of troubles (sixth house) and the occupant of the unforeseen (eighth house).

The child subsequently is put up for adoption and likely died in the orphanage. This occurred in the Rahu cycle of Venus’ era. Venus is the lord of the house of children. Rahu occupies Einstein’s eighth house, a dark place.

Einstein marries his lover, Mileva in January of 1903, just at the end of the Venus / Rahu period. At that time Mars was trine to Rahu, sharing a sign with Rahu in transit as well as in Einstein’s natal chart. He also aspected Einstein’s Mercury, Saturn, and Venus. So both Venus (era lord) and Rahu (cycle and sub-cycle lord) received the aspect of Mars. Recall that the events leading to the marriage (their tryst which produced their first child) occurred when mars was the cycle lord. Mars is the lord of the eleventh house, the house of gains. Venus was in Einstein’s seventh house at the time.

On June 30 of 1905 submits “On Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” and formulates the equation “E=MC2” The eras at the time were Venus / Rahu / Mars. Note the stress we previously placed on the importance of Rahu and Mars on Einstein’s scientific genius. Mars and Rahu occupy the house of mystery, giving him unparalleled passion to discover the meaning of life. Venus is the lord of the house of intellect. So the cycles of Venus / Rahu / Mars might be reasonably predictable to be a time when Einstein would especially apply his intellect to discover new secrets about the world and how it operates.

In the previous months and weeks Mars had been aspecting Einstein’s natal Rahu and Mars from the house of intellect, and now Mars had come to the cusp of that house. On this day Jupiter also formed an exact trine

to Mars and the Moon formed an exact trine to Rahu. So Rahu and Mars were very fully energized by the transits at the same time as they had their turn to be active in their era cycles – and all this during the era of the lord of intellect.

Einstein really started to get significant respect and recognition for his accomplishments during 1911 when he was given a full professorship at a German university in Prague and is the youngest person to be invited to attend the world’s first physics conference in Brussels. This year of social recognition occurred in Einstein’s Venus / Mercury / Mercury / Venus period. Mercury and Venus combine in Einstein’s tenth house (the house of social recognition) forming a multiple Power Combinations (which bring fame). During this year, Jupiter was in Einstein’s fifth house, aspecting his first, eleventh and ninth houses (self, gains, and fortune), while Mars was in his tenth house (recognition), transiting the era and cycle lord, Venus and Mercury.

Einstein’s marriage crumbles and divorce occurs in 1914. This is Ketu’s cycle of his Venus era. The interpretation there is simple.

In 1915 Einstein completes the General Theory of Relativity. This coincides the end of his Venus era (lord of the house of intellect) and the beginning of his Sun era, lord of the third house (ambition).

In 1917 Einstein experiences life threatening illness as Ketu transits his ascendant during the Jupiter era of his Sun period. Jupiter at the time was in Einstein’s twelfth house exactly trine to his eighth house Mars, and also aspecting his sixth house and debilitated Moon therein. So all three houses of ill health were being activited by the cycle lord while Ketu transited the ascendant during the era of a planet who naturally concerns health and vitality, the Sun.

The solar eclipse of 1919, on May 29, proves Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity works. Funny that a solar eclipse should play such an important role in Einstein’s career at this point, since on that day Rahu was transiting in exact trine to Einstein’s natal Ketu, natal Saturn, and natal Mercury; and Ketu and the solar eclipse was exactly trine to Einstein’s natal Rahu (the source of his compulsion to discover the unknown). It is also moderately interesting that the Moon on this day was exactly opposite from Einstein’s natal Moon.

In 1921 Einstein moved from the Sun period to the Moon period. This is when things started to slow down for him, and he started working on theories that he could not complete and would prove frustrating: particularly the unified field theory. Einstein’s Moon is very alone in the sixth house of his chart. Though this house is built by Scorpio, it is not really a debilitation for the Moon, because she is past her debilitating point of 3º. This sign strongly connects the Moon to Mars (owner of Scorpio) and to Rahu. Why Rahu? Because (a) Rahu occupies the Moon’s nakshatra and (b) Rahu is with the Moon’s dispositor. So the Moon period continues to be very strongly motivated by the desire to discover the hidden mysteries of the universe (depicted in Einstein’s eighth house Rahu and Mars), but there is a sense of meeting obsticles and failures and setbacks and having the solutions remain just out of reach – which is characteristic of the sixth house which Einstein’s Moon occupies, particularly in the condition in which it occupies it: lonely without any neighbors.

Of course there were a variety of events, not all bad, in this period – notably he received the nobel prize in 1922 because of the various cycles, subcycle and transits during the Moon period.

In 1931 the Mars cycle began and Einstein was affected by war. He was identified as a Jew by the Nazis and had to flee to America. In 1937 his second wife Elsa died. Mars occupying the eighth house of Einsten’s chart connects it to death. And being in the twelfth house of Einstein’s navamsha connects it to the loss of a spouse. This death occurred in Einstein’s Mars / Venus / Rahu / Venus period just as Ketu was transiting Einstein’s ascendant. Previously Einstein almost died when Ketu transiting his ascendant. This time, he lost his wife suddenly.

Rahu’s era began in 1937. Einstein died at the very end of this Rahu era, on April 16 of 1955. The cycles at the time were Rahu / Mars / Ketu / Jupiter.

Obviously Rahu is an occupant of the eighth house, the house of longevity, where he conjoins the cycle lord, Mars. Ketu is an occupant of the second house, the house opposite to longevity. Jupiter is the owner of the seventh house, the house opposite birth. So Jupiter and Ketu could cause the opposite of birth and longevity, i.e. death. Both Ketu and Jupiter were in the house of the physical body, the first house. And Ketu was exactly trine to Einstein’s natal Jupiter. Additionally Mars was in the twelfth house (physical loss), exactly trine to his natal Mars. These conditions occurring a somewhat advanced age (75) were sufficient to terminate the life of the genius Albert Einstein.

– Vic DiCara
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Symbols and Glyphs of Astrology

I am a huge fan of the glyphs developed in the West to represent the signs and planets. The essential meaning of every planet and sign is encoded into these fascinating symbols.

Glyphs for the Planets

Each planet’s glyph is made of the same primary symbols: a circle and a cross.

The circle is symbolic of life. The top of the circle is your original self, the bottom of the circle is your material identity. Life is a cyclic process of the original self transforming into a material being and then returning to a truer understanding of itself.

The cross is the symbol of effort. “We all have our crosses to bear.” The specific location of the cross on the circle reveals a lot about the meaning of a planets glyph.

There are two secondary symbols used in the glyphs: the half-circle and the arrow.

The half-circle is symbolic of evolution and development. The exact type of half-circle used in a specific glyph reveals a lot about it’s exact symbolism for that planet.

The arrow is simply a blurred cross, distorted due to the energy of the arrow’s movement. Only Mars has the energy to transform the cross of effort  into the arrow of ambition.

The Sun’s glyph is a circle with a dot in the middle. The circle is life. The dot in the middle of the circle is symbolic of the fact that the Sun is the center of all things in life. The center of life is your identity – the core of your conscious awareness.

The Moon’s glyph looks a lot like the moon, which is handy. It is the only glyph without a complete circle in it. Instead the left side of the circle has folded over or reflected to the right so that there are two half circles linked together on the right, making the characteristic crescent moon shape. Why? The Moon is your emotional self, a tricky reflection that creates and satisfies feelings of incompleteness which arise from our interest in a world of dualities.

The half-circle represents evolution. The Moon (emotions) allows evolution in both directions – towards the true self and away from it.

Mercury’s glyph is a circle with a cross at the bottom and a half circle at the top. The cross at the bottom shows that Mercury facilitates the effort for the true self to become a real manifestation in the material world. The half circle at the top is unique to Mercury. It shows that he alone can truly facilitate the evolution towards the higher self. This glyph encapsulates in a single symbol the fact that Mercury is your intelligence, which creates the ability to communicate as well as understand.

Venus’ glyph is like Mercury’s, without the half circle at the top. She gives you a physical body replete with fascinating senses through which you can truly experience the wonderful manifest world in your life.

Mars’ glyph is a circle with an arrow (a distorted cross) at an odd angle towards the top of the circle. This symbolizes that Mars is your energy. He is the passion and ambition which prods you to going off in your own unique direction with your own angle on life.

Jupiter’s glyph is a cross supporting the right side of a half circle. The right side of the circle represents evolution towards a deeper understanding of life. Jupiter is supportive of this effort. He encourages it and rewards it and provides the systems of religion, philosophy, and law which do the same.

Saturn’s glyph is a cross to which the right side of the circle is affixed and bound. The evolution towards a deeper understanding of life is nailed to the inescapable realities which Saturn generates: death, old age, decay and misery. We evolve by coming to grips with these realities.

Rahu’s glyph has no cross. In fact only the five real planets have crosses and represent effort. The Sun, Moon and the two nodes Rahu and Ketu are not literally planets. Their glyphs contain no crosses. They manifest their nature without any effort or evolution required.

Rahu and Ketu are the only planets to contain two complete circles. Their glyphs consist of these two circles joined by the arc of a half circle. The two circles represent two different lives, two different worlds. Rahu’s arc connects the two – bridging the present to the future, creating the ability and need to move upward and outward, and causing the possibility of nearly instantaneous change and movement.

Ketu’s glyph is identical to Rahu’s except that Ketu connects the two circles with a downward arc, while Rahu does so with an upward arc. This glyph symbolizes Ketu’s essential nature as a like between the present and the past, the ability and need to move inward and downward with the possibility of nearly instantaneous change and movement in those directions.

Sign Glyphs

Aries is the beginning of the zodiac – where the one (at the bottom) splits and becomes many (at the top). This symbolizes the tremendous energy and ambition of life itself.

In Taurus the energy forms a stable unit (a circle) which is like a womb for the new energy of life. The circular womb will cause things to grow and develop upwards (the half circle at the top).

Gemini is the sign in which the incubated energy of creation is born and becomes a distinctly separate being. The many created at the beginning by Aries have developed by the support of taurus, and now become a second being, a truly individual self capable of its own experiences and ideas.

In Cancer there are two circles attempting to connect. The new being of Gemini finds that she wishes to integrate her new self with her former self. Therefore Cancer is a place where energy directs inwards and emotions are examined rather privately.

Leo begins a new cycle of evolution – the evolution to understand our own powers. A newly integrated single circle moves sets out with a new identity.

Virgo‘s glyph like taurus, creates circles. The three lines of the “m” represent the three layers of the world. The last line of the “m” weaves around itself, creating circular environments. In Virgo the newfound personal power of Leo enters these circles and attempts to more deeply and practically understand and express itself.

Libra‘s glyph evokes both a balance and an equal sign. It shows a balance of desire to work equally with the world as well as on it. In Libra we attempt to achieve the delicate balance between our own personal strength and the personal strengths possessed by the other people in the world, to whom we relate.

In Scorpio we complete the mastery of our own powers. Thus an arrow develops at the end of the three lines – the three layers of the world. This shows that we and now ready to move to a new stage and apply our newly understood personal power on a higher level.

Sagittarius’ glyph shows the arrow which appeared in Scorpio moving beyond the line of the “new level” of operation. Thus, in this sign we begin to truly explore the various ways in which we can develop ourselves on higher levels.

Capricorn’s glyph, like Taurus and Virgo before it, possesses circles. The straight lines from Sagittarius resolve into curves which create circles. This glyph shows that the new levels we discovered in Sagittarius can now enter a safe “womb” and incubate here to become more deeply and stably realized.

The glyph of Aquarius, like Gemini and Libra before it, is dominated by two lines. These lines are wavy, showing that Capricorn’s effort to evolve a deeper understanding of life are now vibrant with power and potential.

Pisces‘ glyph is two half circles bound together by a line. In Pisces we reach the end of one cycle of evolution. The new levels we discovered in Sagittarius, developed in Capricorn and expressed in Aquarius are now ready in Pisces to bear their final, deepest fruit: the ability to transfer us to an entirely new cycle of evolution. One of the half circles is the end of the old cycle. The line is Pisces effort to transport us to the other half circle, the beginning of a new cycle of evolution.

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved


Gemini’s symbol varies slightly from culture to culture. In all cases there are two human beings, and in all cases they are youthful. The main difference is that in Western cultures two twins are seen as the symbol of Gemini, while Eastern Cultures consider a romantic couple to be the symbol.

We have two humans – that much is sure. Human beings are special among earthly animals because they have the ability to exchange ideas back and forth through language and advanced communications, as a result of their highly developed intelligence. The ancients chose two humans as the symbol of Gemini to inform us that intellect, speech and communication are essential powers of this sign.

The fact that these two humans are young and in some cases are lovers, shows that Gemini’s intellect and communication is fun-loving, youthful, carefree.

The most likely reason why the symbol of twins become dominant is that Gemini is the most fundamentally “dual” and multi-tasking of all the signs. Gemini explores all angles of things, never settling on one, always in search of something new to discuss, to understand, to explore, and to creatively invent.

As such, the greatest weakness of Gemini is stability and tenacity. The first hint of boredom often stops Gemini dead in her tracks. Responsibilities which feel normal to others easily become weighty burdens begrudgingly borne in Gemini. This is the main obstacle Gemini faces in achieving lasting success, recognition, and relationships.

– Vic DiCara

Sidereal Accuracy, Gemini Compatibility and Cancer Haters!

If Sidereal is the accurate Astrology…

Why is the Tropical method the one most people use? And why do I relate so much more to my tropical chart.

Sidereal is “accurate” in the mathematical sense – the positions of the planets in a sidereally calculated chart are REALLY where they are in the REAL sky. It doesn’t necessarily mean that non-sidereal calculations are *interpretively* inaccurate.

The reason why you feel that tropical is the system most people use is because of your own cultural background. If you went to China almost NOBODY there would have any idea what you were talking about with a tropical chart – and China is certainly a large country with a very important history pertaining to the science of astrology. If you went to India, EVERYONE would be using the sidereal zodiac. India is also a huge country with an extremely important role in the history of astrology. So in other words, Tropical astrology seems so dominant to you because of where you live.

It’s like if you stood in downtown Brooklyn and said, “Well supposedly American’s talk with a Texas accent. But if that’s true why don’t I hear it from anyone?”

As for your relating to tropical astrology more than sidereal astrology. You should realize that this may just be due to the fact that you been thinking along the lines of what your Tropical chart has said for a very long time. New information is usually difficult to grasp simply because it is new. The sidereal chart is showing you new information. Also please realize that you are not doing sidereal astrology just by converting your tropical chart to a sidereal zodiac! When you do a sidereal chart it is not very helpful unless you look at it from a sidereal perspective. There is a reason why both sidereal and tropical astrology can yeild accurate results: because they both have systems of interpretation developed around them which maximize their strengths. So to take your chart and set it to sidereal, but continue to look at it through a tropical system will just wind up being confusing. And really this is why many people walk away from sidereal astrology saying, “it doesn’t work.” or “It doesn’t make sense.” or “It doesn’t seem to apply to me.”

Gemini’s compatible with Libras and Aquarians???

Why do they say that Geminis (me) are compatible with Libras & Aquas cause I know a lot of Libras & Aquas and I was with a Libra and trust me, didn’t work for me.

It will help you a lot if you realize that astrology consists not just of one “sign”. It consists of at least 9 planets in 12 possible signs. In compatibility and relationships, 4 of them are very important:

  • The Ascendant (Rising Sign) is very important for practical compatibility
  • The Moon (Moon Sign) for emotional compatibility, VERY important
  • Venus for sensual compatibility
  • The Sun for ideological compatibility, the least important of the 4

The fact of the matter is that Gemini is compatible with the other air signs, Libra and Aquarius. And has spontaneous attraction to the opposite, fire sign, Sagittarius (though they may hate that fact). However when you say “Joe is Aquarius” you are just refering to the sign of his Sun. His Sun may be in a position that is compatible with your Sun, but you will still feel him to be a total jerk if his Moon, and/or Ascendant and/or Venus are in positions that are incompatible with yours.

Think about it for a while, it will make complete sense. I hope this helps.

I’m a Leo. Why is it so difficult for me to see any value in Cancers?

Because Cancer is the 12th House in relation to Leo.

I happen to love cancers and all sorts of people, and I would suggest that you need to deepen your understanding of astrology to help you deepen your understanding of people.

What if you were STUCK in an elevator with a GEMINI?

What would you do???

Just enjoy it. Gemini would come up with some game to play, or something. After a while they might freak out at being held in one place for so long. Then I would probably get the chance to talk and say something practical and stabilizing (Capricorn) =)

– Vic DiCara

How Signs Get Their Qualities (Gemini & Virgo as Examples)

There are 12 zodiac signs – constellation regions through which the planets move. Each one has it’s own unique traits. How do they get these traits? They get their traits primarily from the planet who owns them.

In astrology signs are places in the heavens and planets are beings – people. Just like people own houses, countries, etc – the planets own the signs. Every planet is a being with inherent qualities, just like every person has inherent personality traits. A sign get its traits from the personality traits of the planet which owns it.

Each sign is also composed of a different element, gender, and direction. The traits of the ruling planet get modified and made more unique as they filter through these aspects of each sign.

Here are the planets, their most essential trait, and what signs they own. You will be able to see how these traits permeate their signs.

Planet Quality Sign 1 Sign 2
Moon Mind (private emotions) Cancer
Sun Identity (public ego) Leo
Mercury Intellect Gemini Virgo
Venus Senses Taurus Libra
Mars Ambition Aries Scorpio
Jupiter Faith Pisces Sagittarius
Saturn Reality Aquarius Capricorn

Do note that the other planets (Rahu, Ketu – and the outer astronomical planets) do not play a role in authentic astrology as it was revealed in ancient times. If you think a bit about the beautiful perfect symmetry in the chart above it will probably start to become clear to you why this is so.

Example of Mercury’s Two Signs: Gemini & Virgo

Mercury owns two signs which appear to be quite different in many ways. Let’s therefore use them as an example of how to use the above info to truly understand the characteristics of the signs.

Mercury is intellect and that is the dominant trait which will create the characteristics of both Virgo and Gemini. Let’s see how.

What Virgo and Gemini have in common is that they both belong to Mercury. But they have other important differences which cause the essential nature of Mercury to manifest different traits for each sign. These are the differences:

  • Gender: Gemini is “masculine” (extroverting) and Virgo is “feminine” (introverting)
  • Element: Gemini is air, Virgo is earth
  • House: Gemini is the 3rd House of the zodiac, Virgo is the 6th

Let’s just take gender first. Gemini has masculine gender so when Mercury’s personality trait (intellect) exhibits itself in gemini it becomes “extroverting intellect” – this results in Gemini’s classical traits of loving to communicate and talk, being quick witted, and being on a sort of quest to find fun and excitement.

Virgo, on the other hand has feminine gender, so Mercury’s intellect becomes “introverting” here, making it very strong, but palpably withdrawn and cautious of over-extending itself, reserved, and therefore appearing timid or vulnerable to others.

If you consider the other differences between the two places in the sky (Gemini and Virgo)  it will all become even clearer. Gemini is air, which makes Mercury’s intelligence incline towards quickness & fun (pleasurable sensations – air moving across skin); while the earth of Virgo makes the same intellect of Mercury seek practical things like reliability and practicality.

Finally, Gemini is the 3rd house of the Zodiac (being the 3rd of the 12 zodiac signs). Therefore Mercury’s intellect expresses itself here in context of the Astrological 3rd House – Making it even more disposed towards communicating (talking) and gives it some aptitude for having fun while enjoying ones own ambitious desires. Virgo, on the other hand, is the 6th House of the zodiac – causing Mercury’s intellect to become apt with painstaking work, chores, and being somewhat well suited to medical or health fields.

Go On…

I encourage you to try repeating with the other planets and signs what I’ve done above for Mercury and his two signs, Virgo and Gemini.


Vic DiCara