The Most Fortunate Horoscope – A Tribute to Aindra

The Most Fortunate Horoscope

A Tribute to Sripad Aindra das Babaji

On July 16th of this year, 2010, at 10:25pm in Sri Vrindaban, India my hero and inspiration in life died. “Died” is not a bad word, but it is a bad word for me because it means I lost my chances to again sit with that man in Kirtan.

His name is “Aindra.” For about 30 years straight he would sit in the temple of the beautiful Radha Shyamasundar and he would sing the Hare Krishna mahamantra:

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे

hare kṛṣṇa hare kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa hare hare.
hare rāma hare rāma rāma rāma hare hare.

He organized the “kirtan” (singing of this mantra) so that for 30 years straight it went on continuously for 24 hours. When Aindra sang “Hare Krishna” it was absolutely unique. It was as if a tornado of emotion would form around him. All you or I had to do was want to go sit inside that tornado and it would effortlessly carry us away like Dorothy to a spiritual “Oz” of genuine, real, tangible pure ecstatic love for Krishna.

Birth Data

I am fortunate to have a confidant and friend, Sriman Akincana Krishna das, who spent much time with and developed a close relationship to Aindra. He told me that an astrologer predicted Aindra should have lived about 10 or 20 years longer than what he actually did. When I heard this, I jumped to attention. “You know Aindra’s birth time?!?” With just a short delay Akincana acquired that data and sent it to me:

March 12, 1953 at 4:28:45 am

In Arlington, Virginia (USA)

Exact coordinates given as 77º W 05′ 04″ by 38º N 53′ 25″

The most obvious detail here is that this time has been obviously “tinkered with” by an astrologer, because no one knows their birth time down to the exact second. Obviously some astrologer had put a lot of work into this data. Hopefully it is close to the original. Upon overviewing the horoscope it produces I find no reason to doubt its basic veracity.

About the Man, Aindra

There are a few things about Aindra that are obvious to anyone who even looks at a photo of him.

  • Pale with reddish blonde hair, and a fair amount of it on his body
  • Neither gaunt nor overweight, but has a healthy amount of padding
  • Handsome with softness in his features
  • On the short side
  • Wild, piercing and hypnotic eyes.
  • A renunciate, fully devoted to spiritual practices

Then there are things that anyone who listens to Aindra’s recordings would find obvious.

  • An extraordinarily talented musician
  • Deep and mysterious voice, is not polished, belabored and schooled.

Anyone familiar with Aindra’s backgrounds knows:

  • He is extremely famous and his career accomplishments are outstandingly remarkable.
  • He dedicated himself “cent percent” to the specific spiritual practice of hearing the holy names of Krishna in the Hare Krishna mahamantra.

Those who know Aindra more deeply and personally would call your attention to these key traits:

  • He was an individualist. He did what he knew was right and what would please his teacher (the great A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) and didn’t ask for anyone’s approval or support.
  • He was, however, not egotistical – but very humble at heart. Thankful for any support and help offered, and worked to make things nicer for others.
  • His intellect was outstandingly sharp, piercing and penetrating. He understood the inner workings of extraordinarily esoteric spiritual details, yet applied it all in the most down-to-earth, practical, and tangible manner.

The Fiery Saint

I always thought that there had to be a great deal of Mars in Aindra since he was so reddish, had such piercing eyes and intellect, and was so capable of individuality. Especially when he died in a fire accident, I could not stop wondering about Mars in his horoscope.

Looking at the chart produced by the birth data I have for Aindra I find that Mars is almost literally as exalted as a planet can possibly be. Readers who are not learned in the science of Jyotish (Indian Astrology) will not find this obvious, so I ought to explain.

The zodiac has 12 main sections, “signs,” in its primary division, but there are 16 subdivisions which represent the acoustic resonance and standing waves generated on a degree by degree basis throughout the zodiac. Astrological hobbyists consider a planet’s “dignity” only with reference to its place in the obvious twelve zodiac signs, but real astrologers appropriately factor in the effect of the signs of the harmonic subdivisions as well. The ancient Indian formula for doing so describes dignity as a numeric value on a scale from 0 to 20, where 0 is absolute and utter debilitation and 20 is unequivocal and absolute exaltation.

The dignity of Mars in Aindra’s chart is an almost impossibly exalted 19.8!

In astrology, the dignity of a planet tells us how much “good” or “bad” karma that planet holds for us. The more dignified, the better. A planet still needs potency to be able to make the good or bad karma it holds into a real factor in a human being’s life. Ancient Indian astrology measures this by exhaustively evaluating six categories of strength. I call it the Sixfold Strength system.

In Aindra’s horoscope Mars is not only phenomenally dignified, he is also phenomenally potent, having what Sixfold Strength describes as “191%” of normal strength!

So when I look at Aindra’s red beard, reddish glow, fiery effulgence, fierce self-sufficiency and absolutely undefeatable piercing mind I see the clear manifestations of a Mars with strength and goodness that one does not see even after looking at millions of horoscopes.

In astrology, planets must not only have potency, they must get the opportunity to use that potency. There are a few avenues in Aindra’s horoscope which allow Mars excellent opportunity to use its potency fully. The lord of the house of self, Saturn, is in Chitra nakshatra, which is the domain of Mars. Almost exactly 180º away from the lord of the physical self, Saturn, is Mars. Therefore Mars has opportunity to influence the physical self by an “aspect” at maximum strength, and by controlling the lunar mansion the lord of the physical self occupies.

Any elementary student of astrology should know the term “dispositor” and “final dispositor.” The dispositor is the planet who owns the house occupied by another planet. For example, in Aindra’s horoscope Venus is in Aries, which belongs to Mars. Therefore Mars is the “dispositor” of his Venus. Dispositors create the planet’s attitude or “disposition.” A final dispositor is the planet who creates its own disposition. This planet gains influence in a horoscope by affecting the disposition of all the planets that it disposits.

In Aindra’s horoscope Mars is the final dispositor of every other planet!

So, I see what I expected to see in Aindra’s horoscope: a phenomenally good, powerful and influential Mars.

Penetrating Intellect

His amazing Mars also conjoins the lord of intellect, Venus. That is why Aindra’s intellect was so sharp and piercing. This conjunction between sharpness and intellect occurs in Ashvini, the lunar mansion of “Miraculous Speed.” Aindra could penetrate into fantastically deep understandings with a speed that bordered on instantaneous and miraculous. His grasp of the deepest esoteric details of spiritual truths is literally miraculous for a human being to accomplish.

In Aindra’s horoscope the lord of self is in Chitra nakshatra, the lunar mansion of “multifaceted blueprints.” Chitra is a place where architects understand the detailed inner workings of things. For Aindra, penetrating intellect aspects the self in the lunar mansion of detailed blueprints.

Many people who have piecing intellect and understand things in extreme detail are terribly useless and impractical. Not Aindra. Every detail he understood he put into a tangible, practical form in his everyday life. This is because he was born when Capricorn was rising. As Capricorn suggests, Aindra was never impractical in the slightest, and he was always serious, determined, and steadfast.

Other Physical Traits

There are a few physical traits of Aindra not explained by Mars alone. For example, though he was short, Aindra was not thin or muscular as is characteristic of Mars. This is because all the kapha (fleshy) planets influence his physical body: The Moon sits in the house of the body, while Jupiter and Venus (especially Venus) aspect the lord of the body. Therefore the natural thin physique of a prominent Mars is counterbalanced by the plumpness of Venus, the Moon and Jupiter.

These three benefics also make him a beautiful man with a gentle appearance. They also give him a healthy constitution strong enough to allow an American born man to survive for decades on end amid the different and very strong bacteria and virus of rural India.

Wild, Piercing, Hypnotic Eyes

Using textbook astrology one would say that the second and twelfth houses represent the right and left eyes, and having his Mars conjoined or aspecting both of these lords is a sure indication that Aindra’s glance could be fierce, piercing, and fiery.

There is more to it. The nakshatra (lunar mansion) of hypnotism and hypnotic glances is Aslesha (The Serpentine Embrace). The planet of hypnotic trance is Ketu. Aindra’s horoscope has Ketu in Aslesha. It is no ordinary Ketu either because it is “stationary.” This is a rare occurrence when a planet does not move at all in the sky, neither forward nor backward. Such planets gain extreme potency. Thus Aindra had a gaze which was piercing and fierce yet induced and reflected a hypnotic spiritual trance indicative of the state of his elevated inner consciousness.

If you look into Aindra’s eyes you look directly into the hidden worlds of truly occult spirituality. Ketu in Aslesha already describes this, but also the lord of mysterious spirituality (the lord of the eighth house, the Sun) occupies the house of Aindra’s facial appearance (the second house), which is also the house of the right eye. Meanwhile, the house of the left eye receives a combined aspect from Jupiter and Saturn – the combination which produces spiritual leaders. There was never anything in Aindra’s glance, neither coming in nor going out, that was not purely spiritual and trancelike. Whatever he glanced upon, he glanced with two intentions: (1) To see, in a trance, its connection to meditation upon singing the divine names of Krishna, (2) To see how he might assist the strong spiritual growth of whomever or whatever he looked upon.

Spiritual Renunciate

Aindra renounced all material sense gratification and lived an ideal and exemplary spiritual life. The lord of spirituality occupies his house of wealth, causing Aindra to perceive that true wealth is not material. The lord of renunciation occupies his house of treasures, causing him to treasure spiritual knowledge, detachment and humility. This lord of renunciation conjoins the lord of enjoyment, indicating a person who would renounce ordinary concepts of enjoyment and instead take to an enlightened concept of pleasure and enjoyment.

Despite being a true, hardcore renunciate, Aindra led a life that was anything but bare or spartan. His life was brimming with beauty, art, music, color, sound, smiles, emotions, and vitality. Like an alchemist turning iron to gold, Aindra transmuted ordinary art, beauty, music and emotions into transcendental and enlightened experiences, because he understood that the zenith of all spiritual pursuits was to dedicate his emotions to pleasing the transcendental senses of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna.

An Extraordinarily Talented Musician

Elsewhere, I have described combinations which produce great artistic and musical skill (see: Musical and Artistic Talent in an Astrological Chart). Aindra’s horoscope shows these combinations to the fullest extent. The lord of the 3rd, 5th and 11th houses all join in the 4th house. There could not be a more stunning example of artistically blessed planetary alignments.

To explain using more common terms: The lords expression and creativity combine in Aindra’s horoscope. This allows creativity the dexterity to be fully expressed. In Aindra’s chart the combined lords of expression and creativity are joined by the lord of performance arts! Greater still, all of them – performance, expression and creativity – they all combine in the house of emotions which is the true root of artistic genius.

To make Aindra’s artistic talent even more extreme, all these planets of performance, creativity, expression and emotion are directly opposite the lord of the self. Thus not only is Aindra full of unsurpassed skill, he also gets to physically and tangibly manifest that skill in his exalted career as a spiritual musician.

Aindra personally attracted dozens if not hundreds extremely adept and skilled musicians to join him in his 24 Hour Kirtan project. Ask any one of them who the greatest musician they ever encountered was and I would be shocked if they did not say, “Aindra.”

Aindra’s musical style was the antithesis of practiced, rehearsed and self-conscious. It was absolute genius! It was absolutely real. His brilliance did not come from any formal training or efforts at mastery. Rather it manifested for mysterious and unknown charismatic and spiritual reasons. Why? One reason is that the lord of the eighth house was in Aindra’s second house, causing his voice (second house) to expressing things coming from the hidden world, the mysterious world of the infinite spirit.

Fame & Power

Aindra’s fame is really quite enormous, especially considering that he lived in a rural town in India as a humble renunciate. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe listen to his music every day. Hundreds count themselves as his disciples and followers. He published almost a dozen records that have distributed in six digits at the very least.

First, his house of fame (tenth house) holds the exalted lord of the self. As I described just previously – that lord of self is aspected by all his copious artistic talent. Thus he gets tremendous recognition for his career as a spiritual musician.

Aindra’s chart holds a “yoga” (an impressive sounding word meaning “combination” or “alignment”) indicating fame: The lord of the fifth house (a trine) combines with the lord of the fourth house (an angle). The lord of the fourth happens to be Mars, and I have already described to you the towering beneficence, potency, and influence of Mars in Aindra’s horoscope. This allows Mars to powerfully manifest the potentials of this combination for fame.

Furthermore since the Moon is in Aindra’s first house, this alignment exists from the Moon’s viewpoint as well. On top of that, both the fourth and the fifth lords align with the lord of the first house – causing four additional instances of this powerful fame combination (“raja-yoga”). Besides that also the Moon’s conjunction with Rahu creates yet another instance of such a combination. You could easily measure Aindra’s horoscope to have seven or more counts of Power and Fame combinations! This is on a par with huge celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, etc.

Although he was more famous than just about anyone else around him, he never once basked in the ego that might come with such karma. Never once. He was not destined to, because his lord of humility conjoined six out of seven of the fame and power combinations he possessed.

This is interesting, too, for it speaks accurately about Aindra’s style of power. He was an enormously powerful person. Many times very powerful people would attempt to change, redirect or alter Aindra’s apparent non-conformity. Despite their own extremely formidable power they never succeeded even one iota. Aindra would indirectly crush their attempts without the slightest malice or intention to harm, and would quietly and assuredly go on becoming exactly what he knew he must become – a pure devotee of the Hare Krishna mahamantra as best as he personally knew how, leaving the other person feeling enlightened in the process.

Shravanam Kirtanam – Complete Dedication to Chanting

All of that was really very interesting (at least for me), but it is only now that we come to the real crux of Aindra. He was perfectly, completely, and absolutely dedicated to the spiritual path of hearing and chanting about Sri Krishna, particularly in hearing and chanting Sri Krishna’s mahamantra: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

The process of hearing and chanting is summarized in a Sanskrit word, Shravanam. There is one lunar mansion out of the 27 of them which bears this word as it’s title: Shravana.

That mansion, Shravana, was rising over the Eastern horizon when Aindra was born. Moments after his birth, the Moon, also in the mansion of Shravana would rise as a 12th phase crescent. Moments thereafter Rahu, also in the mansion of Shravana would rise into the sky and glance upon the newborn child.

This means that Aindra was born for hearing and chanting about Sri Krishna, it was his due destiny. According to Parashara and all ancient seers, the Moon represents Sri Krishna. Rahu represents destiny pulling us towards our inevitable future. Both the Moon and Rahu occupied the lunar mansion of hearing. This mansion is not just about the auditory sense! The word “Shravana” has a distinctly spiritual connotation in Sanskrit, and the deity of this mansion is Sri Vishnu / Krishna. Thus Aindra’s ascendant clearly and simply reveals the purpose of his birth: to hear and chant about Sri Krishna as a wildly powerful compulsion.

His Passing

The lord of the physical body occupied a certain degree called mrtyu-bhaga which indicates that Aindra’s body would be subject to a difficulty. Mars, the planet of fire and accidents directly aspects the lord of the body at that difficult degree. Rahu and Ketu, the planets of sudden occurrences, are very dominant in the chart and directly affect the house of the body.

Aindra’s body would be subject to a flaw that would be exploited suddenly by a fiery accident.

That accident took place during the era (“dasha”) of Saturn – the lord of Aindra’s physical body. In the cycle (“bhukti”) of the Moon the lord of the house of death, occupant of the house of the physical body, dispositor of sudden Ketu and housemate of the uncontrollable Rahu. The sub-cycle at the time belonged to Mars, the planet of fire and accidents and the single most dominant planet in Aindra’s chart.

A textbook principle of astrology is that the planets owning the second and seventh houses cause death (because the seventh house is opposite to the house of birth and the second house is opposite to the house of longevity). In Aindra’s case these planets are Saturn and the Moon. Saturn controlled the era and the Moon controlled the cycle when Aindra died. Mars, the natural planet of injury and accidents, controlled the subcycle.

On July 16th 2010 at 10:20 – 10:30pm we lost Aindra.  At that time Saturn and the Moon exactly conjoined one another in the sky.

This conjunction occurred in Virgo, a sign belonging to Mercury, giving Mercury the power to determine the disposition of the fate indicated by the conjoined Saturn and Moon. At this exact point in time Mercury was precisely conjoined to Aindra’s Ketu – the planet of sudden, drastic events.

Ketu itself transited Gemini, Mercury’s other sign – sealing the strong link between the two planets. Aindra’s lord of material loss, Jupiter, was exactly conjoined with Aindra’s Mercury, who was aspected at full strength by Mars.

So the two planets capable of causing death (Saturn and the Moon) were exactly conjoined, and their disposition was governed by Mercury because they were in Mercury’s sign, Virgo. What disposition did Mercury create for these two death-capable planets? It was thoroughly linked to sudden and dramatic material and physical loss, due to its links with Ketu and the lord of physical loss.

Just as the Sun (the nakshatra dispositor of both Saturn and Moon at the time) entered the border of Cancer (Aindra’s house of disappearance) a gas stove in Aindra’s room exploded as he lit it to cook for his deities. The soundproofing on the door caught fire and consumed the oxygen in the room without letting him escape. He turned to his deity of the most merciful proponent of the Hare Krishna maha mantra, Nityananda Rama and left this world while in prostrated prayer at the feet of this deity.

The influence of Ketu in this death is a sure sign that Aindra was withdrawn from the physical world and taken into the “other world” – not the “afterlife.” The connection of the ninth lord of religion and fortune (Mercury) with Ketu on this event, while Saturn and the Moon occupied that ninth house is another sure signal to us not to look for a “reincarnation” of Aindra. He will not again reincarnate by any stretch of the imagination except in the ways that he has empowered the rest of us to follow his lead.

He has moved to his inescapable future, which is with Sri Vishnu, Sri Krishna, in the mansion of hearing and chanting which is not bound by the limitations of space and time.

I will mourn his loss until by chance of great mercy I might one day find  his perfected identity in the deepest spiritual groves of Sri Vrindaban Dhama and have the supreme blissful fortune of making divine music with him to assist the dances of Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara. Until then I find solace and inspiration in the many recordings of Aindra that I am lucky to find left behind.

To learn more about Aindra and his path

Please visit the website of his project: 24 Hour Kirtana

There you will find his philosophy, and in the “Media” section of the site you will find a treasure of links to his music and speaking.

– Vic DiCara / Vraja Kishor das


  1. Ishan Chaitanya says:

    Thanks ever so huge for this beautiful exposition on Aindra Prabhu’s horoscope. It’s even more amazing for me since I never expected that anyone go and publish this kind of information so soon, especially because the exact birth times of such personalities are too often too hard to find out. This really helps me as an aspiring astrologer and a devotee. Thanks a million. Please keep up the good work, what you do and the way you do it is very valuable.

    Ishan C.


  2. Thank you so much for this. Confirmation and affirmation, that those who had the fortune of meeting or hearing Aindra Prabhu, are in touch with a genuine empowered devotee and associate of the Lord. May we waste no more time in joining him in the sankirtan of the Maha Mantra. Hare Krishna!


  3. georgia says:

    i am in deep gratitude for this teaching at the feet of your master.


  4. Bhakta dasa says:

    Thank for a very wonderful glorification of a true modern Vaisnava saint, and one dear God Brother of whom I am immensely proud.


  5. vicdicara says:

    Thank you for commenting. I deeply hoped that my attempted tribute to Aindra through astrology would please some of you who know and love him.

    By email, one person asked me for my opinion on this: “I remember Aindra saying that an astrologer had told him that in a past life he was a brahmana that had made either made an offense, some kind of mistake(s), something, because of false pride. and for that he had to take the low birth he took.”

    Well, I don’t really agree that Aindra took a “low birth” or that it is important in any significant way. Caste is more or less irrelevant in the age of Kali, in my opinion at least.

    Here is what I suppose the astrologer saw when he said this to Aindra: he looked at Aindra’s fourth house to understand his past. He saw there the two brahmana planets: Jupiter and Venus. So he thought, “OK, Aindra was a Brahmana in his past life.” Then he saw Mars joining the two brahmanas in the fourth house and so thought, “But because of personal ambition he had a problem.”

    My opinion?

    Aindra was born with the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, aligned with his Ascendant. They were rising and setting simultaneously when he was born. Furthermore they were neither moving backwards nor forwards – they were standing absolutely still. Rahu and Ketu indicate the future and the past, respectively. What do you think their standing still while rising and setting would say about Aindra’s past and future? It certainly would not at all contradict any theory that he is a timeless being, not a normally conditioned soul taking birth after birth.

    The astrologer may also have looked at Aindra’s fourth harmonic subdivision and saw there Mars with affecting the brahmana planet, Venus in the first house, with Ketu affecting the brahmana Jupiter who is debilitated in the 10th house. This would confirm that in Aindras past he may have made some “offense” to teachers/brahmanas.

    I would offer this… Ketu tells me that Aindra’s past life is not ordinary. Various factors tell me that his previous life was full of emotion and passion for arts. He had mastered both the sciences of mysticism, the depths of emotions, and the nature of relationships. He may have offended a teacher / brahmana and therefore had to “suffer” some difficulties in this lifetime and an apparently accidental / unfortunate death.

    However I would certainly entertain the idea that this may have happened from a very high platform. For example he may have been doing kirtan in his past life and did something which offended a brahmana who was puffed up and should not have been offended by such a thing. This brahmana may have therefore out of envy cursed Aindra to be born far away from what he thought was the home of kirtana, India. But Sri Krishna Caitanya would have seen this and said, “Aha! This is a good opportunity. I will satisfy the brahmana’s curse but also put this pure soul’s unparalleled devotion to me and to kirtana to good use in assisting my dear Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as he spreads my kirtana all over the world.”

    It is just my speculation, but is the interpretation I would personally prefer. Since there is no way to empirically verify the facts all we have is speculation and interpretation anyway – so I feel free to prefer mine, at least for know until I might understand it better.

    As you know, what a great soul WAS in the past is fascinating, but merely a curiosity compared to the importance of what he or she is in the present.

    Aindra’s twentieth harmonic division (the subchart specifically about spirituality) clearly reveals his full devotion to Sadhana. Mars, Rahu and Ketu – all the planets of spontaneous passion, impulse and compulsion are in Aindra’s house of sadhana. Aindra’s full passion was for the sadhana of nama-bhajan and nama-japa (chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra in song and in meditation). He did so with natural spontaneous compulsion, impelled by his inner passions to his spiritual practices.

    Mercury and the Moon are in the house of expression. He was therefore able to clearly understand and express emotional, subjective, intuitive realities very effectively. Venus was in the eighth house – he was therefore able to die in a temple, in a peaceful and spiritual state of mind. Venus in the eighth house of this subchart also confirms that Aindra actually had sense perception of things you or I consider to be “beyond” or “spiritual” or “unreal.” He had direct perception of the supernatural realities behind the mantra he was singing. The lord of self in the house of religion, while the lord of religion aspects the house of self speaks clearly of his dedication to God. Saturn’s influence on the lord of religion, the house of religion, and the house of self show that his path involved seriousness, determination and renunciation.

    All of Aindra’s subcharts are phenomenally interesting. It is difficult to put down Aindra’s horoscope.


  6. Vivek Taneja says:

    Amazing! Haribol!


  7. Pancha Tattva dasa says:

    Dear Vraja Kishore Prabhu,

    Thanks for this beautiful, spiritually powerful astrological eulogy of Aindra Prabhu.

    Your servant,
    Pancha Tattva dasa


  8. Amala Gaura Das says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu

    Aindra Prabhu’s brother John confirmed the birth time with the family. He also appreciated this wonderful article.

    your servant,
    amala gaura dasa


  9. vicdicara says:

    I feel so lucky to have all of your appreciative comments.


  10. Nari devi dasi says:

    My most humble obeisances to you Vraja Prabhu…..
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Thank you so much for sharing the glories of Aindra Prabhu. Such a pure, exalted, unalloyed devotee of the Lord.
    This work of yours is commendable for you are also being used so nicely in Sri Krsna’s service. Brilliant work!!

    All glories to Hari, Guru, and the Vaisnavas…
    Please forgive my faults….

    Nari dd


  11. Nama Rasa das says:

    hey vraj!!!! thanks for this its really nice. i just spoke to your gurudev today in new york, he said you were thinking of coming to vrindavan in the winter time. I will be there too, hope to see you!

    with love,
    nama rasa das (amul)


  12. Sam says:

    Dear Vic dicara Prabhu,

    Hare Krishna. May be I didn’t properly understood the article but please clarify whether according to your prediction Aindra Prabhu was destined to live 10 or 20 years more? I know other astrologers have mentioned like that but what is your take in this regard?



    1. vicdicara says:

      Predictions are difficult to make. I did not take the time to analyze why an astrologer would have concluded that Aindra Ji should have lived another 10-20 years. I did analyze why the planets invoked his departure at the time they did, so I would say definitely the astrologer who reported Aindra’s lifespan overlooked this, but I must add that this is not really a criticism of that astrologer, because there are SO MANY details in astrology (particularly in accurate predictions) that to overlook something is as expected as overlooking a specific grain of sand on the beach.


  13. alok kaushik says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Though I am late in reading this wonderful article but consider myself fortunate enough to come across while searching for Aindra Prabhu on google. I happened to read about this pious soul on Iskcon site yesterday and was searching for information about him. There had to be a reason for this and I came to know when I saw Aindra Prabhu’s photos in your article today i.e. just now

    I had an opportunity to hear and see him 1-2 years back at Vrindavan and since then his image was imprinted in my heart. When I saw his photos in your article, then only I realized about great loss. Today morning at 1 a.m. I woke up suddenly and got out of bed as I could listen to Hare Krishna mantra sankirtan, that melodious voice was coming from distant and I could not make out the source. I am thankful to you for photos of Aindra Prabhu in your article, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

    As an astrology student, I am bit confused by your statement of exalted Mars. I have known it to be exalted in Capricorn whereas it is in Aries in his horoscope. Could you be kind enough to explain it? I could not understand the 16 divisions, may be your answer is related to that. Thanks again for such rare information about his birth details and wonderful article.


    1. vicdicara says:

      Thank you alok. Hare Krishna. The third paragraph of the section entitled “The Fiery Saint” has the answer to the question about the exaltation of Mars. You may need to study to subject of Vimshopaka to understand this in full.

      It was very sweet to hear you experience of hearing the sankirtan from the distance.


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