Musical and Artistic Talent in an Astrological Chart

Creative artists, especially musicians have always been extremely charming, attractive and magnetic to their fellow humans. Lets take a look at how to spot and understand the nature and extent of artistic talent in an astrological birth chart.

The two houses which neighbor the 4th House are the anchor points of our creative talent. Why is the 4th house so important for artists and musicians? Because it is the core of our emotional self. Think carefully about what it is which we find attractive and compelling about artists and musicians – it is the way that they make their inner selves emotionally accessible to us.

Therefore the 4th House – the inner, private core of a person – is the main locus of artistic potential. And the two neighbors of that house (the 3rd and 5th houses) are crucially important to artists, because it is these houses which express or give an outlet to the emotions in the 4th house.

The 3rd House neighbors the 4th to its East. The east is where everything rises into the visible sky and becomes “born”, tangible, and real. So the 3rd House holds our ability to take our deep emotions and express them in tangible form.

The 5th House neighbors the 4th to its West. The west represents the terminus, and other people besides our own self. So the 5th House holds the genius and intellect required to take our private inner emotions and transfer them intact to other people.

Additionally, the 3rd house pertains physically to the hands – which are used to play musical instruments, etc. The 5th House pertains to creativity and the creative impulse.

Of slightly less importance, but still significant, is the 11th House – which our ability to enjoy art, and our opportunities to perform it for the public.


As always, you have to look for combinations. Of course, you want to see that the 3rd, 5th, and 11th houses are “strong” and influential first – but the real kicker comes only when they interact in combinations that connect them to one another.

As for the “strength” of a house, that is a subject unto itself, but here are some helpful hints. Don’t just look to see if there are planets in the house. This is like only knowing “A,B,C.” and not knowing the rest of the letters. Yes, if there is an exalted planet (especially a creative one like the Moon or Venus, or the other “benefics” – Jupiter and Mercury) in a house, you know easily that the house has power. But that is not the end of the assessment. Look at the planet who rules the house. Where is that planet, in a position of power, or a position of squalor?

Now, let’s get to the combinations. There are various ways that houses can combine, all of which depend on the planet who owns the house. So you first need to know that a planet will come to own a house when a sign that it owns is happens to build that house. If this is above your head, you can keep reading, but you will need to get some basic background education before this will be totally useful to you.

Lets say that the Capricorn Rises. This means that Pisces is the 3rd sign/ 3rd house, Taurus is the 5th, and Scorpio is the 11th. That means that Jupiter owns the 3rd house, Venus the 5th and Mars the 11th.

So lets say that Jupiter is in the 10th, and Mars in the 7th and Venus in the 8th houses when a person was born. (see chart at left).

First of all the three houses are strong because the 5th has an exalted Moon. The 3rd has it’s owner in the showcase of the horoscope, the 10th house. And the 11th is aspected by the exalted Moon. Of the three the 11th is the weakest. So this individual has more talent than he gets opportunity to perform for the public. If you are good with Vedic astrology you will notice two or three other relevant things generating strength for the 3rd and 5th particularly.

Now, this particular configuration of planets causes a combination of all three to fall in a single place. Can you spot it? You will need to consider the aspects of the planets. Jupiter always aspects the trines. Therefore Jupiter aspects the 2nd House. Every planet aspects the opposite point in the sky, therefore Venus also aspects the 2nd House. Mars aspect the 8th house, therefore he also aspects the 2nd. So this horoscope shows an example where all three artistic lords (in fact also the 4th lord, Mars) combine by aspecting a simultaneous point in the chart.

In this particular case, Rahu is in the 2nd house to receive all these aspects and amplify them. The 2nd house is also significant because it is the “mouth” of the chart. The individual is an orator, singer, and is good with words. He is a moderately famous musician.

Musicianship of the Supreme Being

Let’s take a look at Krishna’s horoscope (the artistic and amorous core of divinity in the Hindu conception) and see how it indicates his unparalleled artistic and musical skills.

First we see that Krishna’s 4th House is occupied by it’s own Lord, the Sun. This is a chart where emotional depth is very strong. This House receives the special 8th aspect from Mars, who is exalted in the 9th House. This combination of Mars and Sun shows a person who is leader in the field of emotions. The fire brought here to the natural water of the fourth house brings steamy passion to this emotional core of this chart.

Next we see that the 5th House is also occupied by its own Lord, Mercury, who is exalted. This chart shows outstanding genius for creatively communicating its passionate inner thoughts and emotions to the world – this is a requirement for artists and philosophers alike, and Krishna is historically renowned as outstanding in both fields.

Looking to the 3rd House we find it to be Cancer, ruled by the Moon – who is in the 1st House conjoined the Ascendant. This shows that the talent required to express internal ideas and emotions in tangible forms is an extremely prominent feature of Krishna’s visible self. Indeed he is rarely depicted without a flute to his lips.

Both the 3rd and 5th Houses welcome the influential aspect they receive from Jupiter, who is the lord of the  11th House – and who confidently and bountifully occupies that house. The result is that we have the chart is an unparalleled guru of the fine arts, especially music – since Jupiter is the planet of the element Ether, which is the element that carries sound, and therefore represents Music.

The ascendant of this chart is Venus’ Taurus – which can amply support and uphold the extreme artistic indications we’ve just interpreted. All together, this chart shows Krishna to be the Supreme Artist as his devoted followers often depict him. An artist of this caliber would be more charismatic and downright sexy than 100 or more Elvis’ at once!

– Vic DiCara


  1. Isabel says:

    Could you take a look at my chart to see for creative artist potential?
    -sun in 4th in pisces
    -venus conjunct mars in 5th
    -ruler of 5th in 5th
    -jupiter in 3rd in aquarius
    – mercury in 4th in aries almost cusp of 5th

    im a bit confused with the moon in virgo part in 10th.

    Birth date: 06 march 1985
    birth time: 23:21 (pm)
    birth location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Thank you.

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    1. Isabel says:

      oh sorry, I’m more familiar with western horoscopes…


      1. vicdicara says:

        Since all my techniques are tested on vedic horoscopes, I will quickly cast yours and answer your question on that basis.

        Libra ascends in exact conjunction with the south node ketu (first major sign of strong interest in topics like astrology, btw). Libra has inherent artistic talent since Venus rules. Venus is exalted and in the mansion of Revati, whose symbol is a rhythmic drum. This all shows good basic potential in arts / music.

        3rd lord, jupiter, is in your 4th house in Shravana – the LISTENER. Jupiter is the planet of Sound. Sound + Listening is interesting.

        Your 5th house holds your 11th lord. – Creative performance and entertainment.

        Your 11th house holds your 10th lord – allowing career in entertainment and performance.

        5th and 4th lord (Saturn) is in the second house – indicating that the artistry pertains to faces, voices.

        Hopefully this info + the article will help. I apologize that I am too busy to reply at greater length.


  2. SkyyTitan says:

    I am very confused. Yes I undestand if someone’s Rising sign is in Capricorn then their 3rd house is in Pisces, 5th house in Taurus, and 11th house in Scorpio. Where it stopped making sense to me is when you said THUS Jupiter rules the 3rd house, Venus the 5th, and Mars the 11th….how?? I thought the moon rules Pisces and Pluto rules Scorpio, so wouldn’t the 3rd house be rules by the Moon, and the 11th house by Pluto? Obviously Venus rules Taurus, so Venus in 5th house made sense, but the other two didn’t.


    1. I always work with classical principles. Here is an explanation of classical principles of sign rulership:


  3. Stephen Brown says:

    I’m actually an aspiring 23 year old musician with a Capricorn Rising, 3rd House Pisces, 5th House Taurus. I’ve been playing all my life. Can you tell me anything?

    July 26, 1989
    San Diego, CA


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