How to Read a Horoscope

This is an except from Chapter 25 of my book, Unlocking the Meanings of a Horoscope, the textbook for my course of the same name. Everything mentioned in summary below gets a treatment of full explanation in that book and, especially, in the course. Getting the Sculpting Material I started out with the metaphor of […]

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What is a “Dispositor”?

“Dispositor” is really an oddball word, if you ask me. It is not even in the normal modern English dictionary! Look at it carefully and you will find it is made of “dis” and “posit.” You use dis- in plenty of words, like distance, disgrace, disfigure, etc. The prefex dis- indicates negation, absence, & separation. […]

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On Sculptors and Astrologers

Imagine a sculptor. He takes his well-maintained tools and sits before a block of fine marble. What do you imagine him doing next? Does he pick one spot on the raw rock and finish it completely before moving on to the next, carving out a flawless, perfectly polished and finished eye while the rest of […]

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Reading Birth Charts

Think of the chart as a musical instrument and the planets as musicians. Musicians make music according to their taste, but also according to the instruments they are given to work with. Take a musician and give her a piano; she will make a certain kind of song because the piano has 88 keys, etc. […]

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Why is Astrology so Confusing?

The main reason astrology is so confusing is that even the people who explain it are usually pretty darn unclear about what it is. Why? Because Earth is only just now gradually emerging from the Age of Darkness (“Kali-yuga”). The darkness of this age creates great confusion. During this time the tropical zodiac drifted out […]

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