12 Signs of the Zodiac Course NOW AVAILABLE!

My new and Improved Course on the 12 signs of the Zodiac is now done and available in four formats (self-study, guided-study, group-study, and personal tutoring).

You should take this course to very deeply and clearly learn

  • What the signs are
  • The difference between sidereal and tropical signs
  • Why certain planets rule certain signs
  • What the four elements symbolize, and why specific signs have specific elements
  • What the three modes are all about, and why specific signs have specific modes.

When you take this course you will not just gain crystal clear detail on what each sign symbolizes; you’ll also understand why they symbolize what they do.  I’ll teach you the signs from the inside out!

Go to vicdicara.com/102 and enroll in the format that best suits you!