Learning Astrology (For Beginners and Experts)

Fractals are amazing. They are infinitely complex patterns formed by repeating much simpler, smaller patterns over and over again in smaller and smaller contexts. Astrology is a fractal – infinitely complex, but built on relatively simple principles. The complexity of astrology is like the complexity of a fractal – a result of the finer and finer application of the basic pattern or principle.

If you try to grasp the whole complex fractal of astrology, you won’t. You have to put aside your ambition and hunger to understand the whole thing all at once, because this is literally an impossible task. The only way to draw an infinite shape, a fractal, is to clearly define the simpler patterns which create it. Similarly, the only way to grasp the whole complexity of astrology is to clearly understand the simpler patterns at its core.

The more you focus on trying to get the complexity of astrology – the less you will get it. But if  you focus on improving your intimate knowledge of the basic building blocks, suddenly and rather soon really, the entire fractal of astrology’s infinite complexity will awaken in your cognition, and you will become a true astrologer.

The planets, houses, and the signs (12 signs of the solar zodiac and 27 signs of the lunar zodiac) are the fundamental patterns on which astrology unfolds its infinite complexity. Direct your attention to these and you will prosper as a student of astrology.

– Vic DiCara