Basic Birth Chart Analysis – Donald Trump

His birthtime is June 14, 1946 at 10:54am in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Here is the Chart as a wheel:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.54.44


And here it is in the square form:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.54.59

Our calculations are not finished. We must now calculate the raw strength of each planet, and the positivity as well. We can get these values from any Vedic Astrology software (the raw strength is usually described as “Ṣaḍ-bāla” and the positivity is usually described as “varga viṁśopaka”). It’s beyond the scope of this post to explain how to calculate these, or to explain why there are a few different options in the calculations, leading to a few different scores. I have my own custom calcuator for raw strength and positivity, which gives these values for Trump:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 13.00.11

The greenish bars are the positivity. 50 is neutral. Basically none of the planets in Trumps chart have negative dignity, they are all neutral or positive. In particular Mars is especially positive.

The white bars are the raw strength. Saturn is conpicuously low in strength, and the Sun and Jupiter are conspicuously high.

This information alone provides our first interpretive glimpse into the chart. Saturn and the Sun have a directly opposite theme, the Sun is the autocrat and Saturn is the democrat. In other terms, the Sun is the king and Saturn is the common citizen. We all know Trump, so I don’t have to waste words explaining how accurate an overview this is for him. He is very much an autocrat and very little a cooperative power-sharer. He is very much an elite and has very little sympathy for the downtrodden commoner.

The positivity of Mars shows that his agressiveness, independence, and maverick style produce very good results for him. He can very successfully take risks and utilize bravado.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 13.12.43As for the blue bars in this graph, In the last few months I have updated them with a newer calculation model. Which takes the raw-strength and factors it against a dozen or so calculations of alignments and positions to see how much opportunity each planet has to use the raw strength it possesses. At left you can see the most basic input values required for the calculations.

Here is the outcome:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 13.12.35

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.54.59On first gander at Donald Trump’s chart, naturally our eyes were drawn to the 12th house with so many planets in it. And then perhaps we noticed the mastery of the central houses afforded to Mars by virtue of its being alone in them. If we followed our initial impression and proceeded to interpret his chart with the 12th house triad as the starting point, we would miss the mark entirely as to who Trump actually as and what is role in the world will be. We probably would wind up describing him as a spiritualist, or a loner, or a person who does best with foreigners.

If we followed the other eye-catcher Mars, we wouldn’t go as wrong, because it truns out that Mars really is quite prominent in the chart. But that is just luck. Calculations reduce the luck factor for the astrologer. Doing all the calculations on Donald Trump’s chart, we know that the Sun is, by quite a stretch, the most prominent, most important planet in this horoscope, and therefore we have to begin our detailed analysis of this chart from the Sun, and keep the Sun’s interpretations as the central pillar around which all our other interpretations will stand.

Sun in 11th House/Gemini as 1st Lord, exactly Conjunct Rahu during Lunar Eclipse

Now that we have identified the central pillar of the chart, we can start mining out the key interpretations of the basic combinations.

It’s very conspicious that Donald Trump was born during Lunar Eclipse, with the Sun as the most prominent planet. But let’s hold off on that very juicy bit for a moment and “eat the salad first” – sticking with the standard flow of how we should normally do things, which is to first recall the baseline interpretations for Sun in Gemini, and Sun in the 11th House.

Sun in Gemini

The main implication of Sun in Gemini is the need to dominate in friendships, communication, and transactions. Sun in Gemini doesn’t feel comfortable in exchanges or friendships or partnerships unless it clearly is in control and has the upper hand.

Another baseline implication of Sun in Gemini is inflexibility.

Another is, youthfulness, extended youth.

The first two of these are particularly supported, since the rising sign is Leo.

Sun in the 11th House

The main implication of Sun in the 11th is sterness and the ability to be self-controlled and self-disciplined. This is well supported by a Leo ascendant.

Another key baseline is friends in high places, or powerful connections.

Sun in Gemini AND the 11th House

Now, look at the two and see if they have anything very strongly in common, or very strongly clashing. Sterness and inflexibility (from Sun in 11) and the need to be the boss and dominant person in any partnership (from Sun in Gemini) are quite similar – so this is an important interpretation. In fact not only to these go good together, they also get support from the Leo rising sign, and even more importantly they get support from the fact that the Sun is extremely prominent and Saturn extremely un-prominent. So this dominant characteristic (being the autocrat, being elite, being insensitive to others, especially commoners) looks like it is a strong candidate for being the MAIN pillar of interpretation from this horoscope.

1st Lord in 11th House

The main, baseline implications of the 1st lord in the 11th house is to increase wealth, increase the propensity to party, and increase our enjoyment.

Balance this against everything we’ve seen so far…

“Increase wealth” …does this have any support or clash in what we’ve seen so far? Yes! The Sun in Gemini can support the ability to excell with commercialism, and to have a mercantile career. And the Sun in the 11th house also supports royal wealth or at least steady income. These are not the primary baseline interpretations of the Sun in Gemini or 11th house, but they are secondary possibilities – which can come to the fore and become players in the interpretation only if some primary baseline is very similar to it. That is the case here, the 1st lord in the 11th house (as the most important planet in the horoscope) provides the baseline, primary interpretation of increased wealth, and then the secondary possibilities of Sun in Gemini and Sun in 11th House can now come out like vines and attach themselves to the tree of this primary interpretation.

“Propensity to party” …this clashes with the idea of his being self-disciplined and stern. Clashes in astrology do not “erase” one another, they complicate and (usually) spoil each other. So, the interpretation here is that Trump has a style of partying in which his sternness and inflexibility plays a strong and souring role. He consumes enjoyment like royalty and does not share or distribute it to other “at the party.” He is the focal point of all the enjoyment, or else all the enjoyment comes to a halt and he sends everyone home.

Strongest Aspect

Look for the strongest aspect to the planet you are interpreting and factor that into your interpretation too. In Trump’s case, the strongest aspect on his Sun is from his Moon. It is a nearly exact aspect, at an uncommonly strong 98% of absolute full potency. Jupiter also has a significant aspect on his Sun (87%).

As for the aspect from the Moon. The baseline interpreation of it is similar to the baseline interpretation of the Moon being in Leo: A self-absorbed authority with a strong temper, who is capable of leadership due to their confidence and decisiveness, but is very independent and lacks interest in maintaining significant partnerships.

Jupiter’s aspect is secondary, but the parts of it which are supported by higher level interpretations are: increased ability for leadership due to confidence in their own beliefs and values.

Sun’s Conjunction with Rahu on a Lunar Eclipse 

That his most important planet is the 1st lord, and that it is the Sun… both of these show a very self-centered individual, or at least we can say a very self-strong individual. But that this Sun is in the very midst of an exactly Lunar-Solar conjunction with Rahu-Ketu (aka a Lunar Eclipse) is really the key to knowing that this chart is not the chart of a common man.

This man is extremely uncommon (like an eclipse) and is meant to shake up the world (like an exclipse).

The baseline interpretation for the conjunction of Sun and Rahu is anti-authority. In this case, with the horoscope being very autocratic, it depicts a person who comes into autocracy as a result of toppling and dismantling and defaming other authorities and leaders. Trump indeed has that style, and he is also a person who has turned the entire concept of potential american political leaders upside down (a very Rahu/Sun thing to do).

The main takeaway from this very uncommon situation (1st lord Sun as the most powerful planet, while in the midst of Lunar eclipse) is (a) that we have to frame the scope of our interpretation on a grander scale – the things represented in the rest of the chart are mangified and produce bigger effects, and (b) he is an ironic authority.

To explain (b) in a bit more detail… the rising sign is Leo (authority). The most prominent planet is the 1st lord (strong self) which is the Sun (strong self). And it is placed in Gemini, (showing a lot of dominance), and the weakest planet is the counterpoint to the Sun, Saturn (showing a polarity of dominance as explained before). Now, when we consider that all of this is in extremely exact proximity to Rahu at his height (when he actually gets to cause an eclipse). Then we have a very anti-authority (Rahu) combining with this very Authoritative Sun. So Trump is a very ironic authority, because on the one hand he is all about dominance and selfish importance of the individual, but on the other hand he is all about defiance and very free-willed, wild behavior as an authority.

Additionally, the fact that the Moon is in a Lunar eclipse supports the inflexibility and stridentness of Sun in Gemini (Moon in Lunar eclipse suggests lessening of feminine qualities). Similarly, he was born with a male-yoga (he is male, he was born during the day, and his rising sign, moon sign, and sun sign are all male).

Sun’s Rāja Yoga

rāja-yoga is interpreted as a sign of rising to power and significance (rāja means “king”). The most common rule for rāja-yoga is for the lord of an angle to combine with the lord of a trine. Another way of getting rāja-yoga, however, is for Rāhu or Ketu to be in a trine, combined with the lord of an angle, or visa versa, in an angle combined with the lord of a trine.

Donald Trump’s most prominent planet, the Sun, forms a rāja-yoga by being the lord of an angle and aspecting (very powerfully, 93%) Ketu in a trine.

Rāja-yogas are easy to over-estimate and overblow. The rule against this bad habbit is that rāja-yogas formed by planets that are not prominent in the chart and not very important rāja-yogas. Since Trump’s rāja-yoga is from his most prominent planet, we think it should be quite an important rāja-yoga. Another rule against the bad habbit of overblowing the rāja-yoga is that a rāja-yoga from the ascendant is “twice” (let’s say, I’m not being exact there) as powerful if it also occurs from the Moon. In Trump’s chart, Ketu is in Sagittarius, which is a trine from the Ascendant and an angle from the Moon, and it’s aspected by the Sun, which is the lord of an angle from the ascendeant and the lord of a trine from the Moon. So the rāja-yoga in trump’s  chart is reeeeeaaaaally at “rāja” yoga. (a) It’s formed by the most important planet in the chart, and (b) it recurs from the Moon as well as the ascendant.

The Other Planets

So far, I’ve shown how important it is to calculate the most prominent planet and center your interpretation on that planet.

I’ve also shown how to interpret a planet by obtaining the baseline interpretations of the simple factors (planet in sign, planet in house, lord in house) and seeing what very strong similarities or clashes they have with one another and with the rising sign.

Using these two, we can get the main, central interpretation of who a person essentially is.

What do we do next?

Repeat the same process for the next most prominent planet (in Trump’s case, Jupiter in Libra, the 3rd house, as the 5th and 8th lord). But when you do it for the second most prominent planet, you  check to see how the interpretations are similar or in conflict with not only the rising sign, but also with the interpretations of the most prominent planet (in Trump’s case, the Sun).

Depending on how much time and energy you have, you can then do the same process for the third most prominent planet, now checking for similarity and conflict with the rising sign, most prominent planet, and also the second most prominent planet. And so and and so on until you are either exhausted in time or energy, or have gotten the information you wanted.

The most important thing to consider when doing the second and third (and so on) planets is to remember that you are not interpreting the most important planet anymore. They might introduce new themes in new areas, and they certainly will add a lot more dimension and depth to what you will have already uncovered by interpreting the main planet, but they are not going to decribe the backbone interpretation of who the person essentially is. That is what the most important planet does.

In some cases you will have charts where there is not a clearly “most important” planet. Those are more difficult to read. We’ll cover that in some other example.

A Couple of Observations

I’ll end by pointing out a few things in his chart that strike me as particularly interesting, besides the main points we’ve covered.

Mars so close to the ascendant in great positivity and fairly prominent in the chart. This really supports him being a very independent, adventurous, risk taker, agressive, and non-coperative (“solo player”).

There is a lot of bravery, risk-taking, and confidence in this chart.

All the stuff in the 12th house… it’s the 11th and 2nd lord joining the 6th lord in the 12th house. In another chart this could support poverty, but with the primary indicator in the chart (Sun) showing significant wealth and steady profit, these secondary factors show that he profits as a result of the losses of others.

Jupiter in the 3rd contradicts the impression (from the Sun in the 11th) that he is a disciplined person. Sun in the 11th still shows that he is disciplined, but Jupiter in the 3rd shows that he cannot discipline his greed and ambition.

Eclisped Moon in kemadruma yoga… wow. I think that one day Trump will be a very different person that what he is now. Probably starting in about 15 years, when his Jupiter dasha is over. I think he will give up on the pursuit of wealth, will start giving huge amounts of charity.


Well, the main intention of this is not to analyze Trump’s chart per se, but to show a clear example of how to analyze any chart. After calculating the positions, immediately calculate the positivities and prominences (using Varga Viṁśopaka and Ṣaḍ-bāla, respectively). With this, identify the most prominent planet, and then set out to interpret the baseless, paying most carefully attention to how they relate to one another as well as the higher level interpretations, starting with the Rising Sign.

Hopefully that summary makes sense to you, after having read through the rest (a few times).

Vic DiCara