MARS: Energy, Passion, Strength, Courage, Independence, Anger and Violence

Like electricity moving from one end of the wire to another, Mars generates the energy we need to achieve our goals.

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You are not a body. Your body is a vehicle, but you are the Driver (The Sun). This “car” is built from the Moon (your emotional mind), Mercury (your intellect) and Venus (your sense perception).  Now, what does this car need before it can go anywhere?


Mars is the fuel. Mars is energy.


Think of energy; think of electricity. Imagine a lightening bolt. It has a target and heads straight for it with fierce speed. Think of the wires in the walls of your room. Flip a switch and electricity races from one end of the wires to the next, till it reaches it’s goal and lights up the room.

That’s what “passion” is!

Passion is singleminded intention to achieve a desired goal.

Mars is the planet of passion.

Energy has to move towards a goal. Passion can’t exist without something to desire, something to be passionate about. Electricity, for example, can’t even exist unless it is moving. Electricity is movement. Passion is movement towards a single goal. Venus is the planet most responsible for establishing the desired goal, Mars creates the energy achieve it.

Energy is a fundamentally useful thing. It gives us enthusiasm, gusto and a “zest for life.” So Mars is a fundamentally useful planet. But energy is also dangerous as Mars is prone to be.


In a wire there is always resistance. Electricity has to compete with this resistance to reach its goal. To succeed in this contest, the electricity requires strength.

When you set your goal on something in life, how often do you find that what you want suddenly drops into your lap like an angel cake on a silver platter? Not very often. Maybe almost never, to be realistic. If you want to get what you want in life, you must be ready to fight against the inevitable “resistance in the wires of destiny.” You need Mars to be on your side.

Our passions always run up against resistance. And when this happens you need what only Mars can give: willpower and strength, which breeds bravery and courage.


Electricity really is amazing. It is not stupid at all. It instantaneously evaluates every possible path and choses whichever one is the shortest route to its goal. It is not a blind follower at all! At every moment it is making its own choice about which direction is best to take.

Mars gives humans this quality, creating people who “make their own choices” and stand out from the crowd, go their own way, chose their own path, and follow their own rules.

Electrical energy must be able to make split second decisions about which path to follow. Mars, the planet of energy, gives human beings the capacity for independence, independent thought, and quick decision making.


Though electricity is fascinating and runs our entire world, it is extremely dangerous. Mars is just like that… dangerous. If you stick your finger in the way of a flow of electricity you get electrocuted. Similarly, if you get in the way of Mars, bad things happen.

The first bad thing is anger. Los Angeles rush hour “road rage” comes to mind. A freeway is like an electric wire, and all those cars are like the electricity flowing from home to work and back again. If traffic blocks the flow, anger happens.

When something stands in the way of you getting what you want – anger arises. That’s it. Pretty simple. Pretty dangerous.

This is why Mars is the main planet generating anger.

Sports are a way to divert the energy of Mars into rather harmless and even enjoyable pursuits. Sports involve lots of energy, competition, strength, willpower, bravery, quick decision making, and even a pinch of anger – thus they allow Mars to display his full spectrum within a safe “closed circuit.”

If you think about sports for a second, you’ll see that anger can be used as a positive tool to some extent. It can be a tool to get rid of opponents and opposition. It is not the most graceful tool, but it sometimes works.

When it doesn’t work, though, it is really ugly. Violence happens.

The history of violence looks like this: Passion flows like electricity towards the object it desires. It encounters resistance along the way and fights back against that resistance. The strength to fight against resistance is really the whole purpose of Mars. But what if the resistance is really strong? What if willpower and strength of purpose are not enough to get past it? Then we should try to find another path to our goal, like electricity would seek another wire to the same endpoint. But what if there are no options, or if the options are also beset with serious resistance? In that case willpower has to become even stronger – it becomes what we call “anger.” Anger gives us great strength, but what if even this is not sufficient to pass the obstacles between us and our goal? Well, in that case anger is going to intensify to the next level, violence. In short, we are going to destroy what stands in our way, or be destroyed in the effort.


Like electricity moving from one end of the wire to another, Mars generates the energy we need to achieve our goals.

~ * ~ * ~

Mars in many ways is the opposite of Venus. Mars and Venus try to deal with the same situation, but do so in opposite ways. The situation is that we exist in a world where we desire things that other people also desire. Venus solution is to cooperate with those people and share. Mars’ solution is to become strong, compete, win, and claim what you desire for your own.

Mars is the energy without which you can’t get what you want. Energy meets resistance and so Mars develops the strength, willpower, courage and quick independent thinking  to overcome that resistance. If that doesn’t work, Mars will resort to anger and, finally, violence and warfare.

– Vic DiCara

© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved