FREE Readings!!!(???)


Everyone wants something for nothing. But for nothing you get nothing.

This is why the astrological scriptures of India forbid an astrologer to give readings to a person who offers no gifts or services. Those who are not willing to give anything do not deserve to get anything. And if you give something to a person who doesn’t give anything for it… well, ever hear that saying “I don’t give a rats-ass” (or other variants)? Yeah, if you give something to someone who won’t even give a rats-ass in return for it, they are simply not going to value the guidance you give them. The entire thing is a waste of time for all concerned.

Of course these same people are going to lecture you: “Do this as selfless service for others and God will bless you.”

Out of kindness to such people the astrologer should not accept this proposal. If I do a service for you which you do not reciprocate to me, you will have to repay me that debt at least tenfold by the laws of karma. Yes, God will bless me – but my job as an astrologer is not to make God bless me – it is to make God bless you.

Yes, some people live in poor countries, or are just in very, very difficult situations and maybe they can’t afford a reading when they really need one. So, my policy is very open. For example, right now I charge $200 for a full reading, and $50 for hourly consultations thereafter. However, if you are in dire straits for whatever reason, my policy is that you can send whatever donation you can afford and I will attend to your needs.

If you have no money at all, you can send me something else – basmati rice, anything. Hey, you can even pick a flower and stick it in an envelope and mail it to me, and I will at least look at your question.

Nobody (really, nobody) has taken me up on that offer.

I found that baffling until I realized the truth: If you are not willing to give you are not qualified to get. The people who don’t want to give are in dire straits – that is true, but why? Because they have in the past been manipulating the world so that they can get stuff for free. And now they are paying for it tenfold by the laws of karma.

There are those destined to get readings from me, and there are those… who are not.

Some people will criticize and say I am not “spiritual” not a “true brahmin”, etc. etc. It is my karma to receive these criticisms, tolerate them and benefit from them.

– Vic DiCara



  1. Stephen C says:

    Amen brother!


  2. manu says:

    not a True brahmin 🙂 ….. the one who inquires into the brahman is a true brahmin….


    1. vicdicara says:

      Because brahmins should live on alms alone, people can say that one who charges a fee is not a brahmin. However as you pointed out, this is not the essential quality of a brahmin. The essential quality of a brahmin is to investigate and understand the great beyond (brahman). This is a summary of my life story:


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