Venus: Making the World a Better Place


Venus makes the tangible, empiric world better and more satisfying.

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Remember when you were standing on your island, looking at the shore of the world? Mercury built a bridge into that world – and off you went. What did you find?

You found two things:

– Objects

– Other people

These discoveries caused Mercury to evolve into Venus.

Objects / Senses

When you encountered objects, what did you do? You tried to understand them. You named them, categorized them, etc. This was great, but not completely fulfilling. You wanted to feel, smell, taste, hear and see the stuff in the world, not just intellectually understand it.

And so Venus emerged. She gave you a body, with senses to fully experience the objects in your world.

Other People / Cooperation

When you crossed the bridge and went into the world you found more than just objects, you also found other people. That’s a little bit dangerous, isn’t it? I mean, what if that other guy over there wants to feel, smell, taste, hear and see the same objects that you do? You are going to need to cooperate! This is another catalyst for the creation of Venus – who gives to human beings the ability to cooperate, form relationships, make marriages, be peaceful, and experience the joy of love – the ultimate goal of relationships in the first place.


The first duty of Venus is to let you fully enjoy your experience of life. To fulfill this duty, the first thing she does is give you a real, solid, physical body.

Have you stopped, ever, to ask yourself what a “body” is?

A body is a network of senses: Eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin – all put together in a package that is mobile with hands and feet. It is the machine through which you can tangibly interact with your world.

So, first of all, Venus gives you a body and senses. She grants to this body of senses a certain degree of what the japanese call 元気 (“Genki” – presence of energy), what we call “virility.” In other words Venus gives you a body and invests it with strength, health and power to function enjoyably.


Venus gives us senses and the energy that vitalizes them, and she also grants us the ability to improve the sense objects we can experience. For example she gives you an ear and the enthusiasm to listen to things – and then she also gives you the ability to create beautiful music.

That’s why lots of people associate Venus with “art.” Art is the talent of making beautiful and satisfying objects of perception. Venus controls all the arts: painting and the visual arts, music, cooking, making perfumes, and the erotic and sensual arts of touch.

Somethings are naturally desirable and beautiful. Flowers, for example. No one needs to make them beautiful – they just are. Venus creates flowers. From the cooling touch of marble or the soft touch of velvet, to the soothing sounds of streams and birdsong, to the fragrance and color of flowers, to the beauty of a lover’s enchanting eyes – Venus creates the natural beauty in all people and things.

So Venus creates things with inherent desirability, and she also creates in human beings the arts and talents to make things even more desirable than they naturally are.


When it comes right down to it, thinking that senses alone provide for a happy and satisfying life is an infantile attitude. People are much more important than things, and relationships are therefore much more important than sense objects.

Venus helps you realize this.

And just as Venus concerns herself with making the sense objects as enjoyable as they can be, she also concerns herself with making relationships as satisfying and fulfilling as possible. Here is how:


A relationship can’t go anyplace good without this fundamental quality. Without knowing how to cooperate, we simply can’t enjoy relationships. Venus grants us the ability to be cooperative.


We can’t really be cooperative unless we are peaceful. Peace is the opposite of war. War happens when you get what you want by force. Peace then, is what happens when you don’t give undue attention to what you want. The less you are concerned with fulfilling your own personal desires, the more peaceful you become. This holds true in politics as well. A nation with a passionate agenda that it values above any other nation’s will find itself constantly at war. Whereas the ability to subordinate the nations agenda to a broader international agenda promotes peaceful global relations.

When you are not driven by your own desires you become peaceful. A peaceful person can easily cooperate with others. Peace and cooperation both come from Venus, in her effort to make your world a better place to live in.


Why would you want to subordinate your desires to someone else’s? You wouldn’t, unless you love that person. Love means valuing the needs of another person. Venus blesses the world with love, because this is the root from which peace sprouts, and from peace cooperative relationships can  form.


The archetype of all cooperative relationships is marriage. Venus creates marriages and blesses them to be happy and fulfilling. Good marriages are impossible without being founded on love, because love causes an individual to be at peace with their own personal desires, which allows one to cooperate fully with their partner.


Venus makes the tangible, empiric world better and more satisfying.

A horoscope with a very positive and influential Venus would create a person who is very loving, peaceful, cooperative and unselfish. They would have bright senses and appreciate the beauty and divinity in all the things in this world. They would create even more beauty by their very nature and their artistic talents.

– Vic DiCara

© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved