Birth During an Eclipse

The Sun and Moon align with the Forces of Change

Being born during an eclipse is extremely powerful for good or ill. Several notorious asuras (bad guys) were born in eclipses, and also several great saints (good guys) including Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu were born in eclipses. There are also, of course, quite a few unknowns born during an eclipse. But even these unknowns are rarely very stable, balanced or normal people – for better and/or for worse.

Why are eclipses so influential?

There are two astrological centers of identity: the Sun and the Moon. The Sun generates your conscious self-awareness. The Moon (which has no light of its own, but beautifully reflects the Sun’s light) generates the subjective “me” – the sense of identity which results as a reflection of your consciousness into the material world.

When an eclipse occurs both the Sun & Moon come under the influence of the two astrological centers of chaos, revolution and transformation: Rahu & Ketu. These two “planets” go by the titles of the “north and south nodes” or the “ascending and descending nodes” or even “the dragon’s head and tail” but their Sanskrit names are Rahu & Ketu. They are the two points where the apparent orbit of the Sun crosses the apparent orbit of the Moon.

So what happens in an eclipse is that the forces of transformation & chaos sieze hold of the forces of identity, indicating that the universe is in a configuration to dispense karmas which will cause people born at this time to have their identities places under radical challenges of transformation and evolution.

In some cases, such challenges give rise to great exalted saints and beneficial leaders. In other cases they give rise to persons who experiment with chaos and darkness and become forces of ill. In most cases it simple creates people with significant confusion and trepidation about their self-identity. The differences occur primarily as a result of the rest of the planets being in different configurations relative to each other and to the earth for different people during different eclipses.

– Vic DiCara



  1. carlos says:

    You have examples of saints and demons born in eclipses?


  2. vicdicara says:

    I gave the example of Sri Caitanya, the great saint born in an eclispe. The puranas have examples of negative beings born during eclipses and similar omens.


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