New Year Eclipses & Detroit Christmas Terror


New Year’s Eclipses

My attention, quite frankly, has been devoted elsewhere recently – dedicating itself to improving the reading I provide my dear clients and to preparing an extremely special and important second episode of my video podcast. I didn’t really even want to care about or look at these eclipses. I’m talking about the eclipses occurring around the new year:

  1. A partial lunar eclipse on new years eve / day (depending on your time zone… Dec 31 2009 7:12:45 pm in the Universal Time, UTC)
  2. The annual solar eclipse a fortnight after that  (January 15 2010 7:11:22 am UTC)

“Triple Eclipse” Hype?

The first thing bothering me and making me not want to care about these events is the hysteria and lack of rationality. For example, I’m told that there are “six sets of triple eclipses starting in 2009 and ending in 2012.” And that this series is the path to the doorway of doom.

  • First of all there are not three eclipses around the new year, unless my trusty and very reliable astronomical software is lying to me or deceiving me. There are only two, which is completely normal.
  • Second, people make a triple eclipse sound like something which never happened before since the destruction of Dwaraka / Atlantis in 3,000 BCE. It’s not! Triple eclipses occur regularly every 3 and a half years on average.

Stationary Malefics & Terrorists

So, why then am I writing this? Well one reason is to explain why I haven’t written about it yet, when so many people are. But that wouldn’t be enough. What got me were two things:

  • There was an attempted airline sabotage attack by Al Qaeda on Christmas
  • There are some very interesting planetary retrogrades and stations in connection with the Solar eclipse

Regarding the Al Qaeda attempt… it came before the eclipse so I should investigate if the cause or indication for it was something other than the eclipse, or in tandem with the eclipse. Nevertheless, one of the things I read in a very hyped up “triple eclipse end of the world” type article was exactly that there would be a terrorist attack on america via airplane. Of course there is a very good chance that this was simply a lucky guess since the author did not explain his reasoning and since anyone could guess this for a christmas season, and usually does. But it does get my attention.

Regarding the stationary and retrograde planets in connection with the solar eclipse. These are really interesting, and if it wasn’t for these I wouldn’t be writing this right now!

Detroit Christmas Terror

Approximate Detroit Terror Event

This is a chart of what the sky looked like this past Christmas. As you can intuit even if you are not an astrologer, just from seeing all the red lines, it’s quite nasty.

We find Mars, who is retrograde and therefore powerful in a foul state of mind (being debilitated) at the focal point of both the Sun and Moon (look for the triangle formed between the circular Sun symbol and the crescent Moon symbol and the masculine Mars symbol). On top of that we find that Mars outlets this energy upon Jupiter (the planet whose symbol looks like a 4) – and in mundane astrology Jupiter represents the United States (since the sidereal ascendant of the U.S.A. is Sagittarius, owned by Jupiter). That Jupiter is still weak and confused due to coming out of such a long stay in debilitation in Capricorn and is in an inimical sign for him.

So there you go. This event need not pertain in any way to the eclipses. It has a signature of problems all to itself.

But in addition you will find the eclipse points (the semicircle symbols with two small circles at each end) are stationary – they are standing still, not moving through the stars. This makes them profoundly strong. There is tons of energy in Sagittarius, including the northern eclipse point, Rahu. And Mercury (the planet who looks like Venus/female symbol wearing a hat) was exactly conjoined with the nodes on christmas.

This is an astrological portrait of america

One has to note that the United States of America is currently in her Mars dasha (planetary cycle), and in the Rahu portion of that cycle. Therefore the influence in the sky I described pertaining to Mars and the northern eclipse point, Rahu are profound upon America at this point in time.

Also, the finest scope of planetary rhythms (5 levels deep into vimshottari cycles, btw) put Mercury active on America’s Christmas Eve and Ketu active on Christmas Day. This allowed Mercury’s conjunction with the nodes to ignite the rest of the karmic fuel and act as the catalyst.

Why did the ignition fizzle, though, and not blow a hole in the airplane? There are a few factors which mitigated. Mars is the main “fuel” of this event, but Mars had 1 and almost 2 factors mitigating the foulness of his debilitation (one being the lord of his exaltation sign being opposite the moon, and the other being the planet who exalts in his debilitation sign being opposite from him), and another thing is that the Sun and Moon – whom were supplying the fuel to Mars, are friends of Jupiter. Therefore they made the fuel not quite ignite.

Eclipse Doom

Maybe I’m going to hate myself for this, because maybe it is just a knee jerk reaction to all they hype-without-rationale I’ve been reading on the subject. But Yosemite is not going to explode while a tidal wave swallows the White House as a result of this eclipse. Still, let’s look at it and see what makes it interesting.

Again, my disclaimer is that I really have my heart and mind invested in other areas right now. But maybe if I at least point out what I see as significant factors, some other astrologers who may be passionate about this topic right now will be able to pick up on my suggestions and riff on them into something more fully developed.

January 2009 Solar Eclipse

It does look bad for America, I’ll admit, but not nearly as bad as the Christmas day chart. That’s an important fact to keep in mind.

That said, here are the baddies:

  • Mercury is stationary in Sagittarius. This is significant because Mercury occupies America’s 8th House w/ Rahu, and is here with Rahu in America’s 1st House. Also Mercury is the lord of America’s 7th and 10th Houses, indicating problematic status and relationships with the international community. Other countries are becoming much more important in the world, while America is sinking into the background. This new year eclipse is just another Marker of a long progression in that direction (and yes, I do connect this progression with “2012” too)
  • Venus is entirely consumed by the Sun (“combust”) – this destroys harmony and comfort
  • The eclipse occurs when the eclipse points, Rahu and Ketu, are stationary. But this is not significant, because it is normally the condition of the nodes when they cause eclipses.
  • Mars and Saturn are retrograde – moving backwards against the stars. Making them powerful.

There is some badness in this eclipse but I just don’t see it as being an indication of anything close to as dramatic as what happened on Christmas. Rather it is just another confirmation and addition of momentum in the trend of America losing prosperity and status in the world, which is the main feature, imo, of the 2012 historical marker.

– Vic DiCara