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Today Jupiter enters Aries (the constellation, not the monthly “sign”) – along with a bunch of other planets: Venus & Mercury, Mars, and for a few more days, the Sun. Let’s forget about all the others, because it’s just too complicated. Let’s think about Jupiter in Aries. The first question always is “What does it mean?”

The question itself betrays a little bit of naivety on behalf of the asker – because there is not one universal meaning to Jupiter going into Aries. It means different things in different contexts for different people. So, the question soon becomes, “What does it mean to me?

Any mass media answer is bound to be overly simplified, because how can one answer address an nearly infinite number of different individuals asking the question? Some writers try to overcome this hurdle by giving twelve different answers – one for each “sign” (and what “sign” means always depends on the writer’s definition: for some it is the month you were born, for others it is the constellation of your Moon, for others it is the constellation or “sign” that was rising when you were born, etc.)

You know what, I think that’s a pretty reasonable way to address an unsolvable dillema – so long as we remember that we are being broad. In fact, I will go a step further and use the required generic broadness to our advantage by encouraging you to individualize what I say for your own self.

Here is my suggestion for how to understand the major, simple, underlying theme of what Jupiter in Aries means for you.

First of all get your birth chart made. Have it made in a “sidereal” format (since we are talking about Jupiter going into sidereal Aries, after all). All you need to know from it is this: What is my sidereal rising sign?

Depending on what your rising sign is, Aries represents a different house for you. Here is a table to show you.

If your rising sign is… Aries is your…
Aries 1st House
Taurus 12th House
Gemini 11th House
Cancer 10th House
Leo 9th House
Virgo 8th House
Libra 7th House
Scorpio 6th House
Sagittarius 5th House
Capricorn 4th House
Aquarius 3rd House
Pisces 2nd House

Now here is the simple key to figuring out the central theme of Jupiter in Aries for you:

Jupiter represents fortune, growth, and faith. Whatever house Aries is for you represents the main place you will obtain good fortune from by concentrating on cultivating the growth of and developing your faith in – during the duration of Jupiter’s stay in sidereal Aries. (From now till next May, 2012)

Brief examples for the 12 rising signs

I will illustrate the essential examples of what the transit means to each rising sign – but I encourage you to use my articles on the houses to fully explore and envision the themes that will bring you good fortune by your investing time and trust in them this year.

Aries Rising

Jupiter transits your 1st house – so cultivate self-growth, self-faith this year, and trust in all things visible, practical and tangible.

Taurus Rising

This is a transit of your 12th house – so cultivate trust and faith in humility, deference to others, quietness, solitude, spiritual knowledge, and “foreign” philosophies. Spend money only on truly good things.

Gemini Rising

11th house transit – so place all your trust and faith in your children, your friends, and your teachers. Concentrate your efforts on pleasing them.

Cancer Rising

10th house transit – so trust in society and play your social role with morality. Concentrate on your career.

Leo Rising

9th house transit – give your heart to religion and philosophy. Travel in search of such inspirations. Pursue “higher” education.

Virgo Rising

8th house transit – be less practical, trust the unknown, enjoy mysterious secrets that cannot be quantified rationally. Explore the mystery of life and death. Enjoy the occult. Enjoy procreation.

Libra Rising

7th house transit – learn to trust your spouse more deeply and fully. Concentrate your energies on cooperating with them. Economic transactions, commerce, will benefit this year from similar trust and attention.

Scorpio Rising

6th house transit – clean your liver – eat clean foods – no meat, less oils. Your health will skyrocket if you do. Trust in your ability to overcome your oppenents and challenges in a fair, open, moral and mutually trusting way.

Sagittarius Rising

5th house transit – study! Develop your intellect and creativity this year!

Capricorn Rising

4th house transit – work on your homelife, your private life. Trust in the ability of your domestic life to provide you firm and stable happiness as a good foundation for your life. Concentrate on your house and the family who live in it.

Aquarius Rising

3rd house transit – trust your ambitions, work on expressing yourself through words and sounds. Have faith in your ability to achieve your inner desires. Concentrate on these this year, and you will find fortune.

Pisces Rising

2nd house transit – Concentrate on nurtition. Concentrate on financial stability. Put all your trust and attention into the things which truly support your practical life: your family, your food, your assets, your wisdom.

A note about this transit from the Moon

You can do the same thing but from the perspective of your Moon. This will tell you a different story – the story of what will be on your mind this year (now through next may). Look at your sidereal birth chart and find the sign that the Moon is in. Then look up that sign in the table I wrote out earlier, to figure out what house Aries represents from your Moon. Then you can consider the themes of whatever that house is and understand what will be the underlying theme of what occupies your mind – i.e. what your will desire fortune from – for the duration of Jupiter’s stay in Aries.

I hope you all enjoy this post, and that Sri Hari blesses you to derive good personal guidance from it. Please bless me with stability and happiness for my family this year, and with the sincere and ardent desire to be a source of pleasure for the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Thank you,

Vic DiCara (Vraja Kishor das)

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