Integrity Among Astrologers?!

Image by Valeria Melissia Rosalez via Flickr

“Astrologers” today are busy cranking out thousands of “predictions” in the hope that one will come true and make them famous in the eyes of innocent, naive onlookers.

When one prediction comes true, the dozens of failed predictions suddenly disappear. The astrologer is praised by fools, and like a fool he accepts this praise around his neck like a garland of rotten flowers. Where is the integrity!?

Frightened, faithless people are frantic to show that astrology is “real.” My friends, Astrology is real. Your “accurate predictions,” however, are not. It is not our task to “prove” that astrology is real by making flawless predictions. This is simply not a fair task. Can a weatherman prove that meteorology is “real” by accurately predicting the weather day by day? Hardly! Yet meteorology is real. Can a medical doctor prove that modern medicine is “real” by curing cancer, or a common cold? sometimes. Why do you need to proove astrology is “real”? You don’t. It is real. Now instead of proving it, use it.

Astrologers, do not be ashamed to be wrong! Everyone is wrong. Why are you supposed to be different? Do you think that learning bits and pieces about astrology makes you God? We are astrologers, we are not God. We will always make mistakes – this is nothing to be ashamed of! What you should be ashamed of is pretending to be all-knowing and all-accurate! Being wrong is not blameworthy, being dishonest is!

Being wrong is just as important as being right – for by both we can learn and grow. Every science is wrong. From those constant mistakes  we learn and develop better science. If you, my dear Astrologer friends, are too afraid to admit that you are sometimes wrong, you are cutting off your opportunities to truly grow as astrologers!

Many astrologers think that if they admit they are not always right, they will not get customers. Let those fake plastic customers go to fake plastic astrologers. Be honest! I get “customers” because what I do for my customers is my honest best. I tell them what I see in their charts and in their futures.

Clients who want a fool-proof prediction are as silly as the astrologers who pretend to supply them. But persons who humbly  approach a humble, honest astrologer seeking guidance and knowledge from the divine will never go wrong, will always be led to the truth!

To add insult to injury – the people who claim that their 1 out of 20 “accurate” guesses makes them great astrologers are the same people putting forward so much intellectual chaos into the science by frolicking and brandishing about “new discoveries” and “new systems.” We claim to be discovering and inventing new systems, planets, signs, etc. but we lack the integrity to deeply understand even the most basic principles of this great and ancient science.

The very sad fact of the matter is that out of 100 astrologers perhaps 2 or 3 can very deeply and clearly explain something very basic. For example:

  • What is the unifying principle causing the third house to be about apparently divergent subjects such as bravery, communication, and siblings?
  • What is the unifying principle that makes the Sun be about apparently divergent subjects such as soul, body, career, and father?
  • What is the unifying theme among the three nakshatra owned by a given planet, for example: Ashvini, Magha, and Moola?
  • How to the amshas implicitly and directly affect the birthchart, irrespective of their separate existence as subcharts?

What to speak of these questions! Frankly these are rather advanced questions for the caliber of astrologers today! Even far simpler, more fundamental questions can barely be answered by 10% of astrologers today:

  • Why are there 12 zodiac signs, not 11 or 13?
  • Why are there two real zodiac systems – sidereal and tropical?

Yet these same people who simply do not understand the ABC’s of astrology are inventing and using new astrological languages? Really!?!?! This is all dishonesty and psuedo-science. It does not benefit human society  and it certainly does nothing to improve the quality of astrology.

The scientific principle is that the most simple and fundamental satisfactory explanation for a phenomena is the best explanation. The science of astrology needs to take far better heed of this principle. If you cannot explain an event or condition using basic principles (planets, houses, signs and nakshatras) you need to improve your understanding of the basic principles, not run off and invent some new theory!

I have Rahu in my second house and I am born to Capricorn: I am blunt and harsh and speak wild things. So naturally your reaction will be – “well who the hell does he think he is – the Jesus Christ Savior of astrology!?”

No, I don’t – but someone has to say these things.

– Vic DiCara