What is Fate?

What is Fate? What is Freewill?

I have written a lot about this very important topic, so I would like to collect those articles into one page here. Click the titles to go to the articles.

What is Karma All About?

An astrological chart is a blueprint of your “karma”. Lot’s of people use the word karma, but honestly most of them don’t understand what it means. Karma is not “destiny.” Karma includes destiny, that’s true, but it also includes something else: freewill…

Fate is the Universal Mother Responding to our Freewill

A child does some things right and some things he does wrong, correct? The parent must correct the wrong things and encourage the right things. We are the children, the universe is our mother. She is in charge of seeing that we “grow up” correctly…

What’s The Point of Reincarnation?

Since I can’t remember my previous deeds, what’s the point of “learning a lesson” about them in this life???

Why does Astrology Work?

Astrology works because we have freewill and are therefore responsible for our actions. Yes, there is a lot of cool, far-out stuff like electromagnetic ketheric interplanetary gravitons and quantum quarks and all that interesting stuff, yeah. But, none of that is the real reason Astrology works. Astrology works because we are 100% responsible for every decision we make and every action we take. Who holds us accountable for our choices? The universe herself…

Freewill & The Beginning of All Things

there was a spiritual “big bang” before the beginning of time, in which the infinite singularity of The One suddenly manifested as The Many. Countless souls – including you and me – came into being right then. Let’s never forget why. Forgetting why means forgetting our purpose, forgetting the meaning of our life…

Primer on how and why Astrology Works

Planets don’t “influence” you, only you influence you. Every single thing you do creates your future, and every single thing you have done in the past creates your “now.” Every time you act the planets witness you – not just because they are up in the sky, but because they are the very molecules and brainwaves of your being. The planets then hold tightly to the reaction that you earn from your actions. They hold it carefully until the right moment comes to reward or punish you with that reaction…

Fate & Freewill Are Not Opposites!

The opposition protests, “I make my own destiny. I have freewill and the stars do not have power over me!” I agree. You make your own destiny. You have freewill and the stars do not have power over you. But I will go a step further and tell you that you make your own destiny because you have freewill! …

Do the Stars Control Your Unchangeable Fate?

Why does astrology work? What is destiny? Does it co-exist with freewill? What is karma and, more importantly why is karma… what is its purpose? What role do the stars and planets play in this whole thing? Is the destiny they seem to create for us something inescapable and unalterable – or can we alter our own fates?…

Can You Change your Destiny?

Karma pertains to the actions you have performed in the past. In that sense, you can’t change it; it’s impossible to change something you have already done. But the actions you freely chose to take in the past create the destiny you deal with in the present (and future). In this scope of the term it is possible to change your karma here in the present…


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  1. Thank you for grouping these together. In fact, karma-freewill interplay is the first message that drew me to your posts, Vic! Your articles are thoughtfully articulated without BS, honest and caring. I am sharing them on my wall so more people can benefit.


    1. Thank you so much Savitri. People like me really need people like you for support and encouragement. Thank you.


  2. Vic, thank you


  3. sharing


    1. Thank you


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