Questions About Sidereal Nakshatra w/ Tropical Rashi

Here is full information about the system I use, which utilizes both the tropical and sidereal conceptions by taking tropical signs (rāśī) and sidereal stars (nakṣatra): The information there is very long. A very short synopsis is this: Indian tradition anchors the zodiac signs to the stars (“sidereal”), even though their source texts (the Purāṇas and Siddhāntas, etc.)…

The Six Nakshatra Types

This Video explains the six nakshatra types, which nakshatras belong to which type, and the nuances and subtleties between the nakshatras within each type.  

The Secrets of Success – Uttara Ashadha

If you want to be undefeatable, this Nakshatra, Uttarashadha, holds the secret! To be undefeatable, have no enemy. Bring all diverse powers and forces and people together to serve a common objective. You will also need 10 virtues, the 10 Viśvadevas (Divinities of Uttarāṣāḍhā): attention, substantial goals, method, expertise, detail, patience, action, lament, and rejoicing….

The Stars of Truly Vedic Astrology

Here is a playlist with all the videos I’ve done describing the 27 sidereal constellations of truly Vedic Astrology (the nakshatra). Check back often or subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date with new videos. The playlist goes all the way back to Kṛttika, in order. The explanations are based on my book,…

Anuradha – Star of Love

Love IS beauty! Anurādhā bestows love, and therefore bestows lovability. Love IS virtue! Anurādhā bestows virtue. Vic DiCara explains Anuradha Nakhshatra by discussing her devatā, Mitra – and thus reveals the importance of Bhakti (love) in Vedic culture.

News Flash about Vishakha Nakshatra!

The idea that Indrāgñi is a combination of Indra and Agñi is something that we reach for when our knowledge of Sanskrit and the Veda is not deep enough. So there is a linguistic problem and a “lore” problem. Here is some detail on the linguistic problem: The yogikārtha (denotational meaning) of “Indra” is “defeater…

Svāti – Nakshatra of Individuality

Be a part of the whole, not apart from the whole. Individuality is already in you, it is not something you have to create by cleaving yourself away from others, away from the whole. Explore the Nakshatra of Individuality, Svāti, with Vic DiCara and get to know a lot more about Prāṇa and Vāyu, too!

Citra Nakshatra – Star of Fascination

Explore the Vedic star of creative fascination and mesmerizing, multifaceted, beautiful detail. Vic DiCara helps you understand the Vedic divinity within Citra: Tvaṣṭā – the god of creativity and ingenuity; and, by explaining the fascinating relationship between Tvaṣṭā (creativity itself) and Brahmā (the creator), Vic reveals the relationship between Citra, Rohinī and the Phālgunī, on…

Followups on Hasta Nakshatra

This is a reply to some questions recieved regarding my video on Hasta Naksatra Q: Is Savita the same as Surya? There are many gods connected to the Sun, all the children of Aditi, because the Sun is such a crucial symbol. It is so crucial because it symbolizes consciusness, which is the most important thing that…

My Video on Hasta Nakshatra

The Vedic star of skill, dexterity, and refinement – all rooted in the awakening of consciousness. Vic DiCara illuminates the nature of Hasta Nakshatra’s devatā-god, Savitā, and brings out the essence of the famous gayatrī mantra.