Here I’ll keep a little scrapbook of small but important thoughts on Astrology and life.


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  1. vicdicara says:

    There is no way to change the destiny that is coming to you, but there is every opportunity to use your freewill to decide how you will use that destiny. By foretelling to you what destiny awaits, you get better opportunities to use your freewill wisely. This is how astrology helps you take complete control of your future!


  2. vicdicara says:

    The Karmic energy that astrology describes is a lot like *dough*. Once you have a certain kind of dough you can choose to do different things with it, and bake different types of breads, etc. But more or less it’s the same dough, just in different shapes. Destiny is the dough, and freewill is the baker.


  3. vicdicara says:

    interest in celebrities is really natural and funadmental to who we are as people. We will always be fascinated with other people, because in our core we are fascinated with the fountainhead of personality: Sri Hari.


  4. vicdicara says:

    The dots of light in the sky, or the globes we see in outer space with our telescopes and spaceships are just a very small reflection or representation of the godlike planetary beings who are the stewards and sentinels of the universal law of karma.


  5. vicdicara says:

    Glorious is the moon Who is enamored by the star named “Rädhä” Who is the embodiment of all flavor and vitality Whose radiant luster dominates the galaxy of stars And who owns the romantic graces of the dark night.


  6. vicdicara says:

    is consciousness made of love????? So interesting… i am too damned technical but consciousness is made of sat-chit-ananda – existence, awareness, and bliss. Bliss is a product of love. Existence and awareness are pre-requisites for love. They are products of being and knowing, respectively. Thus the PURPOSE of the soul,, and FULFILLMENT of the soul is love. Though I am not sure if one should say she is “made” of love… but that’s just me being analytical. Emotionally speaking it’s awesome to say… however now the word BHAVA comes to mind, which is the state in which love becomes *integral* to one’s existence. This is defined (by S.Rupa Gs.) as NOT being an integration of something extrinsic, but an integration of an intrinsic quality of the soul.

    All in all I would say that consciousness is made of “chit-shakti” which is the energy of awareness. But the soul herself is a triplicate of being, consciousness and bliss. And the sum and substance of all three = love.


  7. vicdicara says:

    “By Chance” ~~~ Things which “happen by chance” are things for which we don’t yet perceive the cause. As humanity becomes more electronic and less organic we are loosing sensitivity to true natural perception. Thus, our lives and our world appears less meaningful and more superficial than before.


  8. vicdicara says:

    most good goals are *always* good goals, but there are particular points in time which act as windows to activate them as focuses.

    In a race, for example, it’s always a good idea to run as fast as you can. But there are particular times in the race where you need to really focus on that, while there are other times that other goals come to the fore (endurance, for example).

    Now through the end of the month (and slightly after) is an important time for the world in general to be focusing on making peaceful, harmonious creativity a deep part of our identity – rather than allowing vindictive, jealous, hateful aggression define who we are.


  9. vicdicara says:

    There are an infinite number of layers surrounding our consciousness and causing us to identify with a very specific self-concept that we label with the deceptively simple pronoun, “me.”


  10. vicdicara says:

    Love is the most fundamentally important and wonderful thing that exists.


  11. vicdicara says:

    If you are not at least a pretty good astrologer yourself, having a website give you your birthchart is about as useful as getting a great book in a forgotten language.


  12. vicdicara says:

    The Backstreet Boys are actually a lot closer to being The Beatles than that fluffy nonsense you can read in a “daily horoscope” is to being actual astrology.


  13. vicdicara says:

    The human brain – which is millions of times more intelligent that the best modern software – has a very difficult time dealing with the sophisticated complexity involved in making accurate use of astrology. Yet we expect that a website running on a PC is going to be able to really give us a ‘birth chart reading’ which would be of any real value???


  14. vicdicara says:

    “Only humble requests deserve an answer. No prediction should be offered to any person unasked for, nor to one who wishes to test an astrologer. If the astrologer attempts to answer him, he will not be able to get at the truth.”

    Quote from a very very old astrological book called Prashna-Marga – 2nd Chapter, Verse 4


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