Authentic Astrology w/ Vic DiCara

“Fundamentals of Astrology” Series
Ep 5:
The Nine Planets

Vic DiCara explains the key symbolism behind each astrological planet, using simple, essential concepts – and illustrating how the nine planets represent the human journey from consciousness, through illusion and back again. He focuses on the one key feature of each planet which is the root source of all their other symbolic associations. (30 min)

“God’s Horoscope” Series
Ep 2:
God’s Horoscope

Vic describes a few very important techniques in Vedic Astrology for decoding the meanings in a birth chart, using the horoscope of Sri Krishna for examples and reference.

Ep 3:
Layers of Identity in Astrology

The psychology of identity – our identity layers organized into 3 major categories: physical, emotional and ideological, correlated to 3 astrological focal points: the Ascendant, Moon, and Sun. Illustrated by the horoscope of the Hindu Godhead, Sri Krishna.

Ep 4:
Rhythms of the Planets

In this video Vic carefully explains what the chronological cycles of Vedic astrology are, and how to use them to understand if and when the promises made by the planets in a birth chart will get the opportunity to be fulfilled.

Episode 1:
Question & Answer

Vic answers your questions about compatibility, child naming, career, life-purpose, fame and more

Older Video

Here are two classes I gave on some very basic and fundamental aspects and implications of astrology to a very spiritually oriented crowd:


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