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Vic DiCara has actively participated in Vedic culture since 1991. He began practicing Jyotish professionally and offering his services to the public in April of 2008. He recieved mantra-diksha into the Rupa Goswami sampradaya of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in 1993 – receiving the name “Vraja Kishor das” – and has since translated many works, authored dozens of others and has taught courses on many subjects of Rasa-Theology and Vedic Philosophy. Additionally, Vic is a professional musician who has toured the world and published records extensively since 1988. His ability to bridge the conceptual gaps between East and West and to simplify complexities without losing subtlety has gained him international renown in Astrology and in all his pursuits. He currently offers private readings and personal instruction.

Vedic Astrology is the most ancient system of astrology still in practice today in an intact form. It gives you a detailed and accurate picture of the karmic energies that influence your life, so that you can get the best from your positive karmas, while using your “negative” karmas in ways that promote positive growth and self-improvement.

20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Am very much an amateur. Have recently experimented with Sri Surya Siddhanta, and first time I’ve ever gotten Vimsottari Dasa to fit with marriage, birth of son, and inheritance. Have you used Sri Surya Siddhanta? What is your experience?


  2. I have heard the debate about Surya Siddhanta calculations. I am open to the concept, but I think it is a diversion. I dont have the intuition that it is good. I think Drik is the intended, normal system. Its the one I will probably stick with.


    1. Hi Vic,

      There’s one researcher I know from internet using Surya Siddhanta calculations. And he has many examples in which he can explain that this calculation seem to be more accurate than Drik or better fits with the events taken place according to one’s birth chart. But I think it’s more confusing using two systems in parallel.

      I saw that he uses past events as examples to confirm this calculation is more reliable. Of course when an event happened in the past it is easier to explain why it happened according to a certain system or calculation. I find a lack of predictive astrology on the internet, where people make predictions that later on can be confirmed to be true or not in persons life.

      The only forum I found was SAMVA where on mundane level predictions are made effectively on country charts beforehand and afterwards get confirmed very accurately. And this is also according Drik based calculation.


  3. Dear Vic,

    First of all. Love your always interesting and clear way of explaining Vedic Astrology, really makes sense in a way that even simple people as me can understand.

    As from your learning books (part 2), you talk about dispositors and final dispositors.
    * What’s the result in a birth chart if there’s only one final dispositor?

    For example in my birthchart, Saturn is the one and only final dispositor. For me as Scorpio Ascendant he’s the ruler of the 3th and 4th house, sitting just on the edge of the 10th / 11th house in Virgo, hence also weak strength.


    1. Thanks!

      If there is one final dispositor for everything in the chart, then the condition and indications of that planet are the single most important underlying principle in the person’s life and experiences


  4. Vic, couldn’t find any other way to contact you so here I am. Wanted to let you know that we love the “12 Names for the Sun”! We have named our litter of Labradoodles born 9/25 & 9/26 after them. These dogs are highly desired for service/therapy dogs and some will certainly end up in service. Each pup seemed to fit into the names seamlessly…thanks. If you want to read more about the pups and see who got which names you can view them on Facebook at “Oregon Coast Labradoodles.” It’s an honor to use them, thanks again! Tammy Wallace Greer.


  5. Dear Vic,

    You mention in your second book course 201 that Rahu / Ketu don’t aspect any planets. They have only sign aspects. But what confuses me a lot is that astrologers I find on internet / forrums (even very professional) state that Rahu / Ketu also aspecting other planets or vice/versa.

    They merge the qualities of the planets occupying the same house if I’m correctly, if placed with other malefics/benefics they tend to duplicate this behavior, if benefic they get also benefic.

    Could you clarify how you really think about this?

    Thanks in advance,



    1. Most astrologers never read any of the original shastras on Jyotish. Therefore we should ignore what most astrologers think about astrology. Parashara lists the aspects of every planet and leaves out Rahu and Ketu. It is because they do not give aspects. They recieve aspects and conjunctions very sensitively, yes. But they do not cast aspects.


  6. Dear Vic,

    In your book 101, you mentioned the nakshatras divide into three groups. “self development”, “use of power” and “ultimate goal”.

    I was wondering if someone is born in one of those groups, does this also tells something about past lives? For example, in the group of “ultimate goal”, in the last three nakshatras the intention is I think to be not attached to materialism, to reach the real inner self and than spread all the knowledge obtained with love to others in the world.

    So for example if someone has natal Mars in Chitraa, does such a person has completed the lessons in the nakshatras before Chitraa for this particular planet?

    And do you think in each other birth one gets one step ahead, or can take multiple lives?

    I am interested in your opinion about this.



    1. There is no gaurentee that one moves forward. One can also devolve. The first birth of the living being is as the creator of the universe, Brahma. And from there devolves due to gradually accumulating a little bit of bad karma at a time.

      I don’t think that the method you explain would work very well for me, or in a scientific application – but if it is useful to you I wouldn’t discourage it. More we should look to the nakshatras, houses, and signs of Rahu and Ketu for specific clues about past and future lives, etc.


  7. Your article, “8th Lord in 4th House” is amazing. I never knew the reason for my innate happiness even during the current dasa of my 8th lord until I saw your article.

    And those who commented below the article hardly understood the point you were driving at!


  8. Dear Vic,

    Regarding vimshottari dasa calculation, I found that different vedic software gives different dates of dasa/bukti’s for the same birthtime / date of me.

    Is this because there are different calculation’s used? The spread can be month’s of time!

    For example:

    – I’m in Mo-Sat dasa according JHora software, started at 16 October 2011 until 13 may 2013.
    – I’m in Mo-Jup dasa according Junior Jyotish, started at 2 March 2011 until 1 July 2012.
    – I’m in Mo-Sat dasa according Kala software, started at 11 December 2011 until 2 July 2013.

    Can you spread some light here?

    Thank you very much!


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