Mantra for Venus


Here is a partial transcription of the YouTube live session I did regarding the mantras for Mercury and Venus in Vedic Astrology.

Venus’s mantra is very spiritual and lovely.

Major feminine planets are Venus and Moon and their mantras are very much on the same topic – Happiness, Pleasure, Satisfaction, and Joy


So the main subject of this mantra is Rasa. Rasa is the main subject of your life, every body’s life. Doesn’t matter if you are Indra or are Indra Gupta. Rasa is the main subject of everybody’s life. That’s what rasa is by definition – it’s the thing which pulls everybody, inspires everybody, attracts everybody. It’s a kind of a flavour.

So it’s explained as a flavour that is or it’s like associated with a juice, something that has taste in it. But it’s not just a literal juice. Rasa is the thing that you find attractive in something else, whatever it is just the fact that it’s attractive.


The subject of the Venus’s mantra is Rasa. Rasa is the thing that everybody wants, it’s the attractive part. It’s the ultimate purpose of life right.


What is Life? What gives Life? Life is actually the consciousness. Life is the ability to perceive an experience. Perceive experience and interact.  Consciousness comes out and goes in also.

So that’s what life is. Life is Consciousness and what does consciousness want? Something to be conscious of. That’s what rasa is. Rasa is the thing that attracts our attention. That attracts our interest. And why does it attract our interest – because it’s the thing that promises to give us joy. Gives us a reason to exist. Rasa is the reason why consciousness manifests. Consciousness would be meaningless, purposeless without rasa.


So what consciousness exists for is beauty. consciousness is the perceiver and reason for it to exist is to perceive beauty. Rasa is the joy that’s experienced in the perception of beauty.


Venus therefore is the most important planet. Because it’s the subject that everybody is obsessed with.


Rasa is part of consciousness. If you live for Rasa, you are set. You are self-sufficient. This Consciousness contains rasa. It contains it’s objects and subjects.

Rasa is in the consciousness, this is what is the message of this mantra.


annāt parisruto rasaṁ brahmaṇā

vyapabit kṣatraṁ payaḥ prajāpatiḥ

ṛtena satyam indriyaṁ vipānaṁ

śukram andhasa indrasy endriyam

 idaṁ paya

 sṛtaṁ madhu


The bliss which seems to flow from objects, really exists in spirit.

The gods drink this to protect themselves from defeat.

You can really drink it only when you can perceive true reality.

But drinking it gives the vitality to remove the blind darkness from the senses.

So drink this milk & honey.



They(food etc) are just stimulants of it, they don’t contain the rasa.  It’s saying look, even the joy that you experience in food is just a reflection of the joy that’s in you. It’s just stimulating or revoking the joy that’s in you.

You can’t get something external into you. All that the external things do is stimulate what’s already inherent in you. Try to understand that one, that’s a really important one to understand.


Because if you have problems with Venus you will feel lonely, you will feel sad, you will feel that there is no happiness in life. That’s what Venus brings.

Venus is the beauty, Venus is the femininity, Venus is the one that’s giving you inspiration and happiness and joy to live. So if you got problems with Venus you either can’t manifest that for other people or you can’t have it for yourself or both.


…why do they drink rasa? To be protected. To be protected from what? How is that pleasure protects you? This is Venus. How is it that joy and happiness protects you?

Mars knows how to protect you with Armor and weapons, Venus protects you with Rasa. Venus Protects you with Joy and Love.


So what does she protect you from? From Vyapabit. From defeat.

Then you could see how venus is described in the Puranas as the one who protects the fallen soldiers that venus is the one who knows how to revive fallen soldiers.

Now, what vyapabit really means is not just defeat but depression – falling, feeling down, feeling low. So that’s the thing, that’s the real enemy.

You know if you get punched in the face that’s a painful situation but if you get struck by depression it’s thousand times worse than being punched in the face. You cease to lose your will to exist when you don’t have rasa.

But if you get struck by depression you lose the will to even exist. So the worst danger in the world is vyapabit  – depression or sadness. It kills the soul. And Venus is holding this juice that protects us from that depression and even the gods drink it.

So the important thing to know here is that without Rasa life becomes vyapabit, life is a defeat, there’s no meaning to it without joy.


Venus represents Love. So that is what gives you joy.

So don’t get stuck on thinking, ohh I’ll never not be depressed because I’ll never get the rasa. You’re thinking that it’s coming from Anna, you’re thinking you need some anna that you need some unknown you need some material thing to get it or some material situation together or some external situation to get it but the whole thing is saying no you don’t even need anything external to get it. You have it, express it! Give it to the gods, you can give it even to the gods. They want what you have.  You have rasa in you, you have love in you.


If you want to experience rasa you have to give it. It’s not something that you get from external things it’s something  that you generate by giving.


This sacred drink, the joy enables the senses to really experience true existence. The true existence.


Venus is Rasa. Which is Femininity, love, caring about other people, creating beauty, being beauty, to make joy, to spread joy. That is the rasa that you drink.

Everybody thinks that the person who is looking at the beauty is the one who enjoys the beauty. But that’s the biggest lie. That’s the biggest most unfortunate thing.

Actually the person who is the beauty enjoys the beauty more. So be the beauty, not the person trying to enjoy it. Be the lover, not the person trying to be loved.

If you do it right, you will get loved. You will experience love. Of course life is complicated, and we have a lot of other handicaps and mistakes. These are big ideas that will help you and inspire you. But you got to look carefully in a case by case basis and specific details in the practical world.

You shouldn’t intentionally try to love people who are incapable of receiving love.  Ok, that’s also very frustrating.


Venus is Brahmana Planet. That means primarily venus is about knowledge. She is about the knowledge of how to experience life the right way so that it is pleasant and that you create pleasure, you generate pleasure. You are not dependent on pleasure but you are generating pleasure. That’s the knowledge that Venus has. So she is a Brahmana.


Astrology and Puranic stories are little bit different. Sometimes they overlap really well. Sometimes they don’t always overlap too well. Because the 9 planet astrological system isn’t incredibly indigenously Vedic. The very very indigenously Vedic astrological system is the Sun, Moon cycles that make yugas and a little bit of Jupiter. That’s the one you will find in the vedanga jyothish. So you’re getting some bit of mixture, that some of the concepts of what the planet represent doesn’t always represent the every single bit of detail in every story about the planet. However, if you study Sankhya, Vedic Sankhya Philosophy and it’s super useful for understanding the planets.


Venus is more generous, that’s astrologically sound. Venus is more generous than Jupiter.

Femininity is Love, Beauty, and Receptivity

Beauty is created beauty (music, dance, cosmetics, fashion), natural beauty