Sharing Astrology is a Bad Idea?


QUESTION: Don’t you think that sharing astrology to the general public is a bit of a risk? Do people need to know about this science and practice it or should this be conserved only for the elite few? Won’t sharing it cause havoc to the general population or will sharing it actually cause a benefic effect to the general population?



Knowledge is a subtle object. Just as eyes perceive light, and ears perceive sound, knowledge is an object perceived by a subtle, internal sense called intellect (budhi). Those with poor eyes or ears cannot perceive light or sound very clearly or effective, similarly those with weak intellect cannot clearly comprehend knowledge.

If information is given to them, they misunderstand it, and it doesn’t help them much, and often only further confuses them and makes them mistrust knowledge and intellect.

However, the solution is not to keep people in ignorance, the solution is that we must teach people very carefully, and help them learn to use their intellect along with giving them specific knowledge.

So, to simply throw astrology at people is not very beneficial and could even prove harmful by being misleading when misunderstood. But to teach people how to think clearly and effectively, and giving them astrological knowledge to work with at the same time, this is a great service to humanity, for it helps us comprehend life and our place in it.

Vic DiCara –