Jupiter or Venus – Which Planet Signifies the Husband?

QUESTION: I often hear that Venus has more to do with the relationships in general, but Jupiter specifically regards the husband.

That’s weird. Why would Venus be about relationships, but not about the most important relationship, marriage? It sounds like saying, “Honda makes engines, but not cars.”

QUESTION: Well, a husband is the one who’s gives children to a woman and Jupiter is the Karaka of children.

A wife is the one who gives children to the family. By your logic, Jupiter should then represent the wife.

Neither is true, Jupiter represents the newborn.

Venus represents love, partnership, relationship, and union, and therefore marriage.

QUESTION: Jupiter is the Karaka of the 5th house, which also has to do with love. 

Jupiter is not the sole significator of the 5th House. So is Venus.

Jupiter signifies children (5th house)
Venus signifies love (5th house)
Both signify education (5th house)

QUESTION: Jupiter is the Guru , and the husband is the wife’s guru.

This is such a cranky, old, myopic, one-sided outlook from a thankfully soon-to-be-bygone era.  Anyone who ever actually stopped to read the Vedas (Atharva, for example) knows that the wife is also the husband’s guru, and they are both their childrens’ gurus.

“Husband is guru” is sexist and myopic. The real Vedic truth is, “Spouses are gurus for each other.”

This doesn’t mean Jupiter signifies spouse, either – it means that Venus is also a guru.

QUESTION: Then does Jupiter have anything to do with marriage?


Jupiter signifies religion, and marriage is the foremost sacrament of religion, so of course Jupiter plays a significant role in marriage.

Jupiter represents parenthood and childbirth, so this two has some significant connection to and impact on marriage.

However the primary focal planet of marriage is Venus. And the primary significator of a spouse (wife or husband) is Venus.

– Vic DiCara (www.vicdicara.com)