The Nakshatra Gods, Source Material

QUESTION: Where are many of the stories behind the nakshatras located?

As I say many, many times to this and many similar questions – the Vedas were not written like modern reference or how-to books. They were written for extremely literate scholars dedicated to their study.

So you are not going to find a Veda titled “All About the Nakshatra and their Gods.”

Our current global culture has changed a great deal from the culture-archetype in which the Vedas were written. We have recently seen a powerful resurgence of interest in ancient knowledge, like the Vedas – but we have yet to create much modern presentation of the ancient knowledge that does not completely co-opt or blur its original content.

27_coverWe are beginning the effort, but it is a monumental task and takes a lot of time. My first book on nakshatras, 27 Stars 27 Gods will serve you well because it gives many, many stories for each god, and most importantly gives the reference information for each story, so you can do further research. You can get a copy here.

I am putting together my second book, a followup to this – but have decided to add extremely important translations from Taittirīya Brāhmaṇa, so the release is a bit delayed. It will come out this year, though, probably in the spring.