Sex, Spirituality, & Astrology



What is sex?


Indulge in it as much as they can


idolize it, and those who can indulge


denounce it, and wish it would leave them alone

almost no one knows what it really is.


We can not understand sex

as long as we think of it only as poles and holes

even if we put the poles and holes

in a dreamy romance setting

or surrounded them

with marriage vows and baby cribs

or forbid and dislocated them

by chastity belts and vows of renunciation

If not poles and holes, what is it?

Sex is nothing less than the fundamental, primary function of consciousness.

Consciousness = the perceiver

it’s core desire = to perceive

How do we perceive things?

By contact with them. [sense + object = perception]

contact between perceiver and perceived = the essence of sex.

Sex is what consciousness does to fulfill its natural desire.


Conscious is the basis of reality,

So sex is at the root of reality.

that’s why

everyone and everything is involved in it

and that’s why

sex creates things

That’s why the 8th house is about sex, and also about ayuṣa, vitality and life-force.


Description of universal creation:

mama yonir mahadbrahma,

tasmin garbhaṁ dadhāmy aham

sambhavan sarva-bhūtānām

Sex and Love

Love is what the perceiver and perceived

feel for each other

Unity is the means for the perceiver and perceived

to realize their love

Sex is that unity.

So sex and love are intrinsically related

Love can be pure or impure,

so sex can be both exquisite and disgusting.

What is the difference between male and female sexual energy?


masculinity / femininity !=  any specific man or woman

Everyone has their own unique balance of male and female characteristics in their intellectual, emotional and physical nature.

Some men are very masculine, some are not, some can even be quite feminine. Some women…

Variety can be seen in the masculine and feminine signs themselves

Water signs very feminine

Fire signs very masculine

Air signs are male, which shows the masculine element of love for independence and freedom, but have significant femininity too, shown by their proficiency with words and art, and their ability to make people happy.

Earth signs are female, which shows the feminine element of fertility, but have significant masculinity too, shown by their stability and practicality.

Even among the more gender-typical water and fire signs we see great variation.

Aries shows the nature of full-fledged masculinity.

Leo shows more mature, experienced masculinity.

Sagittarius shows fully mature and wise masculinity.

Cancer shows the nature of full-fledged femininity.

Scorpio shows femininty’s emotional strength.

Pisces shows fully mature, contemplative femininity.

Masculinity and Femininity

The difference between mas. and fem. is rooted in the way consciousness functions.

Consciousness can function in two ways.

It can experience things as either the perceiver or the perceived.

Consciousness as the perceiver is the ultimate root of masculinity.

Consciousness as the perceived is the ultimate root of femininity.

Masculinity is more straightforward and easy to understand.

Femininity is more mysterious.

The riddle with femininity is that it functions as an object, but is also a conscious subject.

As a conscious subject she too is a perceiver and enjoyer, but her perception is from the perspective of the perceived, and her enjoyment is from the perspective of the enjoyed.

The core feminine desire is to be fully and truly perceived

Pursues this by attracting the perceiver

It’s main asset is beauty.

Its nature is shy and passive or covert,

But again this is mysterious: it attracts the perceiver to initiate union, so its display of beauty is the ultimate initiator.

covertly, it is the ultimate initiator

overtly, it appears shy and without initiative

The core masculine desire is to fully and truly perceive something great:

Pursues this by conquering and possessing desirable objects

It’s main asset is power, strength, bravery, and so on.

Sometimes men try to overpower women, and enjoy them by force – but this is not only disgusting, it is futile.

Consciousness is ajita, it cannot be conquered, no one can be forced to open themselves to true and full perception, it must be done by freewill.

So, to conquer a female, a male must convince her to open herself to him. He must convince her that he can truly comprehend her, and she will enjoy and prosper if she allows herself to be perceived by him.

He does this by showing power and strength, adventurousness, eagerness, confidence, assertiveness, and so on.

These natures are reflected in the physical sex organs.

The male organ is penetrating and catalytic.

The female organ is receptive and nurturing

The male organs are overt and obvious. They are concentrated mostly in one obvious place, and thus relatively easy to satisfy.

The primary female sexual organs are covert and hidden. They are diversified more evenly over the entire body, thus it is relatively complex to locate and satisfy.

Masculine & Feminine Planets

The Moon and Venus represent femininity.

The Sun and Mars represent masculinity.

The Moon and Venus display all the key traits of femininity:

They are the most beautiful objects in the sky

The moon represents shyness, covertness, and the internal self.

Venus represents love, cooperation and beauty – the assets that attract and form stable union with mates.

The Sun and Mars display all the key traits of masculinity:

They both represent strength

Sun shows masculinity’s ability to support others.

All the planets depend on the Sun’s stability, gravity, and light.

And it shows masculinity’s decisive, clear-cut nature: It’s light makes things clear, and thus makes decisions easy.

Mars shows the freedom, bravery and inceptivity of masculinity.

What role can sex, or lack of sex, play in the spiritual quest?

Sex – joining perceiver and perceived is what consciousness does,

So all conscious entities are inherently sexual and sexy

the supreme conscious entity is supremely sexual and sexy.

Considering this, the personality of Bhagavān Śrī Krishna starts to make beautiful, delightful sense.

His avatāra explicitly demonstrates the beauty and joy, of supreme, divine sexuality, but because people have very little understanding of the inherently spiritual nature of sex, they seldom understand Krishna.

Astrology nicely portrays the inseparability of sex and spirituality

The houses of spirituality (the mokṣa-sthāna) are 4, 8, and 12.

Two of the three are the houses of sexual organs:

4: the female breasts

8: the genitals

Two of them are houses of the sexuality.

12: orgasm

8:  sexuality & libido

The houses of enlightenment are the houses of sex because sex is the natural function of consciousness, and orgasm is a form of mokṣa (enlightenment, liberation) albeit a temporary form, dependent on external stimulation.

The 2 Most Unfortunate Misconceptions

About Sex and Sensuality are:

  1. That sensual objects contain pleasure
  2. That sexual union happens between two individuals

We think pleasure comes from sense objects

it doesn’t

pleasure comes only from consciousness.

Without consciousness,

even the best sense objects produce no pleasure

A delicious cookie will not delight a brick,

because the brick has no consciousness

and no mouth for the consciousness to experience through.

Then what is the need for the objects?

The mind, the master sense,

is usually lost in a delirium

of anxiety for the future

and regret for the past

So it drowns in

rajasic stress

and tamasic sadness

Sense object provide fascinating, interesting stimuli

temporarily wrenching the mind

out of its stressful and depressing delirium

and riveting it in the present moment

This gives relief

from the stress of rajas

and sadness of tamas

And temporarily puts us in touch

with the reality of sattva

Being in the sattvic present moment

gives us a chance

to get a peak through the clouds

at the brilliance of who and what we really are: consciousness

A tiny fragment of a s sliver

of the pleasure and bliss inherent in Bhagavān

who is paramātma

the root of all consciousness

peaks through the parted clouds of rajas and tamas

and dawns on our present moment

and we feel joy

but in ignorance think that the joy comes from the object,

not from Bhagavān.

The more intense the sensual fascination,

the more prolonged and deep the mind’s retraction from the illusion of past and future,

the more strongly it gets riveted into the now,

the more powerfully it gains access to the blissful nature of the supreme consciousness, Bhagavān.

Nothing is more sensually riveting

than a fully-formed, strong and ideal orgasm

So external experience can liberate the mind from past and future as completely as it

So no sensual experience gives greater access to the inherent pleasure of consciousness itself.

We think sex-pleasure is a matter of poles and holes,

it is not.

it is brahmānanda – the pleasure of consciousness

Genital stimulation is just a crutch

to rivet our mind into intense meditation

on the present moment,

so that it can experience directly what it really is –

a fountain of bliss.

The sensual approach to accessing joy is easy

because we are used to it

intrigued by it

and have designed ourselves to explore it

But it is not ideal,

because it is indirect

and dependent on external circumstances and objects

which are always beyond our control

Realizing this inspires us to search for direct and independent means of accessing Paramātmā Bhagavān.

The 2nd Most Unfortunate Misconception is that

even when we realize that sex is nothing but unity

we still imagine that the entity we are uniting with

is our sexual partner

The truth is that sex does not unite us directly with our sexual partner.

We cannot be directly united with any other individual,

because the ātma is not directly linked to any other ātma

We are directly linked only to the super-self, Paramātma.

In the depth and height of orgasm,

we are unaware of our partner’s identity

we are unaware of our partner’s existence

we even become unaware of our own

conventional sense of identity and existence

Sex doesn’t actually unite us with a partner,

it unites us with our self

and deeper still, with the root of ourself,

Paramātmā Bhagavān

who is the root

connecting all individuals

Realizing this not only gives sex its full significance

it inspires us to finding a more direct way

to commune with Bhagavān,

one which is not dependent

on external situations and stimulations

that are always temporary and out of our control

Celibacy and Yoga

As you discover more direct and self-sufficient access

to the source of orgasmic bliss, Bhagavān,


you will lose interest in the indirect and dependent

method of sensual and sexual stimulation.

So, lack of sexual interest

is a hallmark of

genuine spiritual progress

But many, many spiritual aspirants

try to imitate or force this lack of interest

an approach that very quickly becomes

morose, difficult, and doomed to disaster

Krishna explains in Gītā:

viṣayā vinivartante nirāhārasya dehinaḥ

rasa-varjaṁ raso ’py asya  paraṁ dṛṣṭvā nivartate

Without realizing that sex originates from

and is fully satisfied in

the root consciousness, Bhagavān,

there is no hope

or even reason to hope

that we might give up our current obsession

with the external approach

to joy