Astro-Cartography Ain’t All it’s Cracked-Up to Be!

Astro-cartography is over-rated.

Maybe not entirely useless, but over-rated.

It is based on the very unreasonable theory that changing your latitude and longitude today somehow alters (and rather significantly so) the longitude and latitude at which you were born.

Wherever you go, you are always right smack dab in the middle of your own mind. Whatever is outside your mind (be it London, France, or Chris Cringle’s underpants)  only gets into you after it being filtered through your mind. So, the real way to choose an ideal location is by evaluating how compatible the place is with the nature of your mind. To be specific: the place you live should afford good opportunities to pursue your ambitions and fulfill your desires, and should have an abundance of the type of experiences and objects that you have natural preference for.

Even within a single city, town, neighborhood, or street – or even within a single house or room – minor changes in position and location have a major affect on how we feel. This shows that significant changes in latitude and longitude don’t have to be made to get a big change in how location affects you. On the other hand, what really makes a big different is any little thing that affects how your mind gets or can’t get easy access to the objects and situations it likes and desires.

So, Use astrology for understanding your mind, desires, ambitions, and nature more clearly and then make your location-decisions based on how changes in space and place support the preferences, desires and ambitions in your heart and mind.

If you want to consider astro-cartography, that’s fine, but don’t make it your main consideration.

Vic DiCara