Paloma Rodriguez Jones


My dad is writing a science fiction story, and is building one of the main characters on her astrological chart, having me interpret the details for him. Her name is Paloma Rodriguez Jones, and her date of birth is November 10th, 2024 @ 6:49am in Calexico, California. Here is the chart for that:

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Her fundamental character traits: A really outstanding woman; very, very bold, strong, independent, and self ruled. Destined to make a big impact on the world. Logical, smart, and well educated. Gets into trouble with authorities, proving them wrong or unqualified.

A really outstanding woman; Destined to make a big impact on the world.

The sun is alone in the first house, Scorpio. The first lord is alone in the 10th house, Leo. This forms rāja yoga by parivartana.

Very, very bold, strong, independent, and self ruled.

Prominence of the two masculine planets (Mars and Sun) in a female chart – making her bold, strong and independent (typical masculine qualities). Venus in Mūla disinclining her to marriage. 7L joins 8L to the same effect. 2L in 8H to the same effect – so she is an independent woman. Amongst the kendra, only houses 10 and 1 are occupied, a nābhāsa-yoga giving disinclination to settle down and be domesticated.

Descendant in Kṛttikā nakṣatra also shows disinterest in marriage and partnership in general.

Viśākhā nakṣatra ascends – making her decisive and goal-oriented. Sun in Viśākhā making her self-ruled.

Logical, smart, and well educated.

Rāja-yoga in the 5th house. 9th Lord in the 5th house. Both indicate uncommon intellect. Saturn in the 5th and with the moon indicate being more rational than emotional, although Moon in the Fifth shows significant passion – so it is not that she is unemotional, but her logic is even more prominent. Mars in puṣya also shows that she has emotion and empathy. It is not that she is unemotional, but she is outstandingly logical.

Jupiter in Gemini and Mṛgaśīrṣā shows strong interest in acquiring information, awareness and knowledge. Having the Scorpio ascendant with Jupiter in the 8th in this sign and nakṣatra indicates that she acquires information in clandestine ways and that the subjects of her research are arcane and unknown to most people.

Mercury in Jyeṣṭhā also shows an eminent intellect, and ability to be involved in the subtleties of espionage and intrigue.

Gets into trouble with authorities, proving them wrong or unqualified.

The scorpio ascendant is naturally individualistic, but it is primarily the Śatabhiṣaj Moon and Saturn that makes her an underworld/underdog anti-hierarchy person. Jupiter in the 8th puts her at odds with tradition as well.

Questions from Dad

-In what area is her formal education, to what level?

Have her be kicked out of a university just before getting her doctorate (Jupiter in the 8th house, Scorpio ascendant, Śatabhiṣaj Moon). She wants to discredit the findings of one or two of the most important figures at the school.

Have her study in a very arcane artificial intelligence field that employs some new baffling technology related to quantum field and entropy.

-I’m considering making her a musician in college. Thought about punk and rock, but am concerned what music might be like in 2049. Two possible band names Snatch (punk) or Mantis (rock).

She is too masculine for that. At most let her be really into one of these bands. Call the band “100 Eyes” (reference to her Moon’s nakṣatra) and make it use weird modern electric instruments and be quite aggressive and masculine – a “future-punk.”

-I am considering giving her some Vedic knowledge, so that she can spot the philosophical differences between the two bot lineages. So I need some reasonable explanation of why (perhaps) she spent a year in India.

I would have an Indian scientist be a pioneer in her field of study. During university she does study there, in his classes in India. He tells her how he gets all the fundamental basis for his work from the Vedas, and explains things to her.

-What is her physical appearance? Her heritage is Mexican, so she can’t be super tall, although she could have more Spanish blood which gets away from the squat Incan, Mexican Indian look.

Actually, the Incan/Aztec look is quite good for a Scorpio ascendant with the Sun in it. She has very, very tanned looking skin, so it is brown but seems to give off a golden/yellow hue. She’s short and lean. Her hair is not massive or thick or curly. Its straight and thinner than she wants. (all affects of having so much Sun and Mars affecting her chart) She has broader shoulders than she wants (masculine look) but has a good breast size (4th lord with the Moon in Pisces, in rāja-yoga). She’s good-looking. Venus and Mercury in the 2nd aspected by Jupiter.

She never dresses up. She always wears basic, practical clothes. Thick cloth, doesn’t care when it frays. Sews tears rather than buying new clothes.

-I’d like to have her and Frank (the male protagonist – who is 19 years older than her) be in many scenes together, but don’t want any kind of romantic entanglements. I thought perhaps they’d form their own company. That would require some money or some connection. Any ideas for getting them together?

Maybe Frank can learn about her being denied her degree, and then offer her work?

I think the partnership should be informal, even on a business level. Just practical.

With Jupiter in the 8th house as the second lord, and a house exchange between the 2nd and 8th houses, and the 12th and 7th lord in the 2nd she is an ideal candidate to lose her mother and father at an early age but get a significant inheritance from them.