The Astrology of Breathing Disorders

Here is a presentation of the research I’ve recently conducted into astrological indications of breathing disorders. I would like to thank everyone who submitted their data in response to the post I made on my facebook page.

Here is a video explaining the hypothesis and walking through four case studies. The text in this blog post, however, includes a dozen more case studies, including a few with more mild conditions.

This research was conducted over a few days. It is meant as a first step towards scientifically evaluating these medical conditions. Subsequent steps should include evaluating the benefic indicators which could reduce the effects noted here, to cross-check if other hypothesis might produce better or equally accurate results, and to evaluate at least a dozen more cases.

The notes below utilize some shorthand:

“H” = house, so 4H is short for “Fourth House.”

“L” = lord, so 1L is short for “First Lord”

“D” = division (aṁśa), so d-16 is short for “śodaśāṁśa” or “16th Division”

“MB” = mṛtyu-bhāga


Breathing disorders are indicated by afflictions to the 4H in D1, D16 and D60.

The 1H, Sun, or Moon must also be afflicted, to cause the 4th house problems to have a physical outcome.


Houses 6, 8, 12 and their lords cause affliction, as do Saturn, Mars and the Nodes.

2/7 Lords (māraka) also cause affliction when together.

Mṛtyu bhaga (“Fatal Degree”) is also a very significant afflicter.


4H is crucial in breathing disorders because it is the area below the arms and above the stomach, where the lungs reside.

The D16 is crucial because it corresponds to 4H. In D16, 1H and 4H are especially important.

The D60 is very important for everything, so its 1st and 4th houses are also focal points for breathing disorders.

Case Studies

Indented items pertain to overall health problems. Non-intented items pertain specifically to breathing disorders.

Trachea Obstruction, 2 Years Hospitalization

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 16.37.42
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♄rx (6L) & ♂rx in 4H

Saturn aspects asc

Asc very close to mṛtyu-bhāga

1L 3º from ☊

Kemadruma ☽ in 8H

Deb. ♃ in 6H (moon lord)


deb 12L in 4H, asp by 6L ♄

♄  aspects asc

1L in 6H

♃ mb


8L and 12L w/ 1L in 4H

8L on MB

Rāhu & deb Mars surround asc in 1H

deb 6Laspects asc

2L in 6H

Frequent Pneumonia, Etc.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 16.43.34

4L/1L in 12H ♏︎  w/ Rāhu

L: 2, 7, 6 in 4H

Saturn in 4H exactly combust Sun

Kemadruma Moon in 8H


Saturn/Sun conj in 1H

4L in 6H


12L 4H

4L conj 6L

1L 8H

Multiple Lung-Related Hospitalizations

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 16.04.44

6L ♂ 4H

4L ☿ completely combust, 2º from ☊, w/ some aspect from Saturn

Asc 5º from ☋


Asc at mṛtu-bhāga

1L debilitated in 12H

4L 8H w/ 2/7L Mars

Moon in 8H surrounded by Mars and Saturn


6L ♄ exactly aspects asc

nothing else bad.

Various Breathing Problems

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 17.50.444L combust & w/ 7L &  2L

1L w/ MB 8L

6L in 2H

Rāhu in 6H strongly aspected by both Mars and Saturn


1/4L MB, w/ 6L ♂,


6L in 4H

Rāhu in 6H aspected by Mars and Saturn AGAIN (like d1)

Chronic Shortness of Breath

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 16.32.07 in 4H, w. significant aspect of ♂ and ♄

☿ rx towards ♄ within 2º (maybe another indicator to research)


House exchange 4 and 6.

4H and sun asp by ♄


Rāhu rising.

1L Mercury debilitated 5º from Ketu.

Moon and Sun with some affliction

Sleep Apnea

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 17.55.144L debilitated and completely combust by the 8L

aspects 1L and asc.

8L aspects Asc


Rahu/Ketu rising

12 & 8L in 4H, aspected by 6L Saturn


Asc with 2L and 7L, aspected by 6L and 8L

Severe Asthma and Bronchitis

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 17.57.488L mars in 4H on MB

Ketu 3º from asc.

Saturn exactly aspects 1L


Moon in 8H Kemadruma


6L in 4H

2L in 6H w/ Ketu

1L w/ 8L

Sun in 8H


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.00.064L in 8H w/ 12L, & 8L, w/ 7L and aspected by 2L and 6L Mars

1L asp by Saturn

Sun in 8H

Moon in 6H


4L debilitated.


debilitated 12L in 4H.

4L debilitated and exactly aspected by Saturn, 8L from 8H.

Moon debilitated w/ Ketu.

Mars 6L debilitated in 2H

Chronic Asthma 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.07.004L in 6H, aspected directly by Saturn.

Sun deb. w/ ☿ and ☋

Moon in 6H

Asc MB and Gandanta


4L with 2/7L, and aspected exactly by Saturn in ascendant

Sun MB


Rāhu in 4H

Asthma 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.10.44Rāhu exactly on the 4H degree.

Moon in 6H

1L in papa-kartari

all Malefics in 2H


4L in 12H

Rāhu Ketu rise

Moon in 6H w/ 8L aspected by Mars

Venus MB


4L in 6H debilitated

Rāhu in 4H

1L w/ 8L


Severe Asthma

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.14.49Rāhu in 4H exactly aspected by 6L Moon and 12L Saturn.

4L 4º from Mars

1L 1º from Ketu and 3º from 6L

Sun with debilitated Jupiter in 12H

Moon deb. 2º ☋ 3º ♄


4L in 12H aspected exactly by 8L Saturn

12L in 1H

1L w/ Mars


4L in 6H w/ Ketu

8L in 4H, aspected by Saturn

1L w/ Mars, asp by Saturn and MB

Chronic Hyperventilation

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.18.401/4L loses war with 12L


8L in 4H1L in 8H w/ 6L

Rāhu Ketu in 6H

Moon w/ 12L


6L in 4H

1L w. 12L asp by Mars

Chronic Asthma

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.05.0512L Mars in 4H w/ Rāhu.

4L in 6H w/ 8L

Saturn in 1H

Asc aspected directly by 6L (affected by L2/7 and 6)


12L in 4H

Moon in 6H with Mars and Saturn


Moon still in 6H, now w/ Ketu.

Severe Asthma Improved

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.23.332H w/ Mars and Saturn and aspect from 12L, from here, both Mars and Saturn aspect the 4H degree, Mars with absolute exactness.

Asc close to MB


Rāhu/Ketu and Saturn rise, Saturn 1º from Asc

Asc MB



4L in 6H asp by Mars, in Gandanta

Asc MB

Ketu MB

MB Ketu and 12L Saturn in 8H

Chronic Asthma 3 (milder)

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.23.531/4L w/ 8L asp exactly from 8H ♋︎ Saturn

12L Mars fully aspects asc.


4L 8H


2/7L w/ Moon in 4H w/ 4L

deb Sun strongly aspects asc

Mild Asthma

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.23.074L w Saturn, aspected by 2/7L and Mars


1/4L debilitated

6L mars strong aspect to asc


Not bad

Research conducted May 22 — May 24 2017 by Vic DiCara (