What does “X” Planet in “Y” sign/house/yoga mean?


The most common questions I get read something like this: “I have Saturn and Mars in the 5th house, what does that mean?” Or, “what does it means when Saturn transits the 9th and 10th house?”

These questions have answers, yes, but the people asking the questions will not be able to understand the answers (except by lucky chance from time to time) unless and until they get a better understanding of how astrology works. It is like a student asking how to play a very sophisticated musical technique but they still don’t know how to hold the instrument and make it produce clear sounds.

The problem with answering these questions is that they lack context, and context is everything!

It’s like if I ask you, “What does blue look like?” You may tell me what it looks like, but if I am looking at my specific instance of blue in a context surrounded by a lot of black, it is going to look a lot different than the blue you describe straight out of a paint-tube, or surrounded by some other colors.

There’s a 20% chance (let’s say, just to pull a number out of the air) that the blue I happen to be looking at is, by luck, in the same context as the blue you are describing in your answer. But there is an 80% chance it’s not.

So the fact is that if I tell you what “Saturn and Mars in xyz Nakshatra” means, there is a 20% chance that you will say, “Aha! You are a great astrologer! This makes perfect sense!” and an 80% chance you will just get more confused by my answer.

If you want to know how to read your chart, you can’t get there by just asking about it bit by bit. You have to enroll in 101, progress to 102, etc. You have to start from the start, and understand step by step, so that you get the context clear first, before you try to interpret and envision the specifics!

Vic DiCara – www.vicdicara.com