About Varna and Bhagavan


QUESTION: What’s My Varna?
I don’t see why people would want to know their varna from astrology. To me it seems like asking astrology to tell you your natural hair color.

Varna is what you naturally are. The only thing you need you need to do to figure it out is ask yourself “what would I do if I could do anything I want.”

If your answer is “nothing, or screw around, or play games” then your best career path is an an employee somewhere in some company that has something to do with some of your secondary preferences. (The “Śūdra” archetype)

If your answer has to do with building something, increasing something, funding something, developing something then your best career path is in the agricultural and financial sectors, in a management role. (The “Vaiṣya archetype”)

If your answer has to do with changing something or enforcing something or organizing something, then your career should be in law, enforcement, military or politics. (The “Kṣatriya” archetype)

If your answer has to do with explaining, teaching, researching or discovering then your career should be as such, in whatever field best suits your secondary interests. (The “Brahmana” archetype).

This would be confirmed by seeing prominence of the planets and signs of the corresponding type (Jupiter and Venus are brahmana, Sun and Mars are Ksatriya, Mercury and Moon are Vaishya, Saturn is Sudra, Rāhu and Ketu are counter-cultural) but then you have to understand how to calculate prominence.

QUESTION: Are there particular transits that trigger and interest in Bhagavān?
Śāstra emphatically says, “love comes from love” (bhaktyā sanjatayā bhaktyā). A trigger for love can be there, but there is no guarantee it will work. Love (the real thing) is entirely an act of will, not of karma.

But triggers that may inspire love can happen when the dharma and moksha signs houses and planets get triggered by transits and dashas of dharma and moksha planets. Dharma signs and houses are, especially the 9th and a little the 5th. Moksha houses are especially the 12th and somewhat the 8th and 4th. Dharma planets are Jupiter and Venus. Moksha planets are Ketu, Saturn.

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