Real Men Pee Standing Up?

I had a fun English lesson today with a long-time student here in Japan. She told me that, just before I arrived, a group of people from Saga TV came up to her in the train station and asked if she would do an interview. The question, however was very strange:

“The boys at the local Junior High School want to be more like girls, so they want to remove the stand-up urinals from the boys bathroom. What do you think of this?”

She couldn’t think of what to say, and told them she had no time.

I told her how I would have answered them:

Men are much more violent and criminal than women. So women are, in that sense, better than men. So, if men want to become more like women,  I am very happy and applaud them. But, it is very silly to think that the way you pee really makes you more of a boy or more of a girl.

If boys want to be more like girls, fantastic, but they should do it where it really matters: in their heart – not in the toilet

Also, men need to be men sometimes. Otherwise, who will fight when we need to be protected? So if every man wants to become more like a woman, that will not be very good. A man shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about being a man, because if he can control his anger and lust he can use his strength to protect women and children – and this is a very valuable and important thing.

So I say, let men become more like women – but not in silly, unimportant ways, and not to the point that they would fail to be able to perform the social duties required specifically of men.

Vic DiCara