Is Love Higher than Law?

Love is not higher than law.
Love is law.

Love is not “beyond morality.”
Love is the ultimate fulfillment of morality.

Love means to desire the benefit of the other. Therefore love prevents one from causing harm to others, which is the whole purpose of morality.

But hatred is the polar opposite of love, and therefore very similar. It can easily masquerade as love. When we have “love” for one thing, person, or group that intensifies our hatred for other things, persons, or groups – that is hate, not love. It is hate using love as fuel. The proof is that this fake love will not bring morality and prosperity, it brings war.

So, the only real love is without boundaries. Real love is for everyone, for divinity which is everywhere. It is not vague or without specificity. It is very specific and detailed, but it is not narrow or exclusivist. That love can only cause prosperity and benefit to everyone. That love automatically generates law.

Vic DiCara –