New Astrology 101 Course!


I’m consolidating and improving all my online astrology courses, and I’m happy to announce the first finished product: Astrology 101 – The Planets.

This course leverages video conferencing, edited videos, pdf notes, and online discussion to give you the most interactive learning experience possible.

This course is truly “Vedic” because I have organized and explained all the symbols of each planet exactly according to the saṅkhya, yoga, and vedānta darśans of Vedic and Classical India. It is the first time anyone has do so in a modern context.

Learning the symbolism of the planets in this manner gives a clear, concise, and precise foundation to your astrological knowledge, which allows your intuition to fly free and reach deep interpretations with much more consistent and profound accuracy and relevance.

So I hope everyone, beginner and pro alike, will take the course. There are four different formats, ranging from self-study to private tutoring – so there’s a fit for everyone’s style, schedule, and budget.

Please visit the course page to get more info and enroll.