Reality is Beautiful. Misalignment with Reality is Ugly.

Reality is not a malevolent force.

It cannot be. Reality is a sustained existence, and can not be the product of malevolence. Destruction is the produce of malevolence. 

If we contemplate this deeply, we will stop assuming anything that happened, is happening, or will happen is really “bad” for us. Of course, many very very painful and terribly difficult things happen to us and to others every day. But let’s look closely about what makes these “bad.”

First of all we will see that “bad” deeds are perpetrated by selfish people. Selfish people are out of alignment with reality (reality is not really centered on us alone, as selfishness assumes). So, reality-misaligned people are the cause of badness.

Secondly, we can examine how the bad deed affects us as an individual. As for the pain and difficulty caused by bad people (or even those not obviously caused by bad people), it is up to us to determine how that pain and difficulty will affect us. It will be truly “bad” if we fail to see it as a stimulus to distance oursleves from that badness/selfishness, and to motivate us to align ourselves more harmoniously (less selfishly) with reality.

Reality is beautiful.

In harmony with reality, we experience beauty and happiness on a real level (not as a fleeting, superficial imitation of it).

All things, including difficult things, are inspirations to improve our alignment with reality.

People without real humility will get angry at this. “I am NOT misaligned with anything! I don’t need to be improved or realigned!” They prefer to believe that their suffering is meaningless, and that the universe itself is meaningless, and that reality has no purpose. “I couldn’t possibly deserve this. I couldn’t possibly need or require this experience! Reality must be chaos and meaningless chance!”

These people have the only really “bad” thing: ignorance of their true self and their fallibility. That ignorance prevents them from aligning with reality and directly experiencing its inherent happiness and beauty.

Those who can swallow some humility, on the other hand, can turn everything that karma throws at them – pleasant or unpleasant – into “good” experiences that improve their alignment with Beautiful Reality.

These are the topics I explore in my book: Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology.

Vic DiCara