What are the Veda?


I’ve made this video to give you an inside look into my course on the Veda, entitled Śāstra and Bhakti, “The Role of Sacred Text in Gauḍīya Bhakti.”

There are four different ways you can take the course: by self-study, guided-study, group-classes, or private classes.

All four include PDF notes for each session. These notes are also shown in-class and in the recorded videos, but I give them to you as separate PDFs as well, because they are much more easily studied and referenced in that format.

Each session also includes homework questions, to ensure you are correctly grasping the key points.

I also provide you with my own personal answers to the homework questions. If you are taking the course by self-study, you can check your answers against these. If you are taking the course by another method, I personally check and correct your answers, and am available for questions by email and in the dedicated class discussion forums.

Now I will show you selected excerpts from the pre-recorded classes. Thank you for watching. I hope to see you in class soon!

Find out more, and ENROLL NOW at: http://vrajakishor.com/c-veda