Jupiter, You Fool!

Q:  My jupiter is in Capricorn. I’ve heard that it’s therefore pointless to teach me anything.

If Jupiter in Capricorn were the only thing in your chart, then you would definitely be a faithless, negative, self-serving yet self-defeating fool. But there isn’t a single person in existence who has only one planet in their horoscope, and only in one sign.

Q: My D60 has Jupiter in its own sign. Is this basically saying that with time I will adhear to the guidance given?

This is one example of how even a single planet is in more than one sign. It’s saying that even though Jupiter is in Capricorn in the rāśi chart, it is not entirely “in” Capricorn, and has other interpretative traits as well.

} Vic DiCara (www.vicdicara.com)