Interpreting Rahu & Ketu in the Houses


Interpreting Rahu and Ketu in the houses works differently than for other planets, because Rahu and Ketu are not quite the same as the other planets. You first identify the shared theme, or “polarity” between the axis of houses Rahu and Ketu occupy, and then you interpret how that polarity plays out, considering that Rahu will push the theme outward, upward, and forward; while Ketu will pull it inward, downward, and backward.

Rāhu / Ketu in First / Seventh

For example, if Rahu and Ketu are in the first & seventh houses, start by identifying the polarity between those houses, which is: self / others. Next, just figure out what will happen when Rahu is on one side of the polarity, and then it’s pretty easy to figure out what is indicated if Rahu is on the other side.

Rāhu in 1: Pulled away from conformity and partnerships with others, and pushed towards being unique and self-determining. Also, modern and future-looking, with fewer significant longterm relationships.

Rāhu in 7: Pulled away from a self-focus and pushed towards exploring relationships with others.  Also, a deep person, much more than initially meets the eye, deeply connected to ancient and having many significant longterm relationships.

– Vic DiCara