Astro Depression (and Cures)

Many people get depressed about their birth chart. From my perspective, I usually can see why they would be depressed, but can also usually see at least one or two significant reasons they shouldn’t be entirely depressed. That’s the real interesting part, psychologically: a chart will show very negative and very positive situations – but the person feels depressed and ignores or disregards or belittles the positive parts and focuses only on the negative parts.

Someone, for example, has a really negative Venus and a really positive Mars. They are in a deep depression about the effects of this negative Venus (inability to prosper and experience comfort, inability to form cooperative relationships). They are not able to focus on the possibilities indicated by a very positive Mars (strength, willpower, courage, independence, adventure).

That is one of the keys about depression, I think. We don’t have what we want, and everything else that we can get doesn’t seem interesting.

You can also see signs in a chart that a person would be like this – have this disposition to focus on the negative and disregard the positive. The chart I am referencing now, for example, has a debilitated moon rising with kemadruma yoga.

Sure enough, in this particular chart Mars is the planet who breaks the full power of the depressing kemadruma yoga. The key in this case is for the person to cease seeing Venus things as the only things of value and start seeing Mars things as being worth striving for.

But is it possible?

If the chart shows what it shows, is there anything we can do about it.

Yes – otherwise what is the purpose of astrology in the first place?

In Tetrabiblos, Ptolemy is quite fatalistic about it, but even in that fatalism / determinism he reveals a positive note, suggesting that knowledge itself makes it easier to cope with life.

India has a much more positive approach, in the concept of upaya or “rememdies.” There is certainly the idea that something can be done about the karma that your chart indicates. Some think it is as mechanical and simple as wearing a magic ring, but the true wealth of Indian wisdom lies in the mantra of the Veda, particulars of which Parāśara has ingeniously prescribed for particular astrological maladies.

Mantra are words. Words have meanings. Meaning is comprehended by the mind. The mind generates our reality. Therefore mantras can affect and change our reality.

They can change, specifically, the way we interpret and perceive our reality.

And that is the real key!

That’s the point I started the article off with. The key is to come out of the dark cloud and see that there is some light in a different direction. Not to fixate on what we don’t have, but fixate on what we are and what we do have.

The Vedic wisdom cures all suffering, by knowledge. This knowledge is contained in mantras, and these mantras are explained by gurus and smṛti (a type of sacred text, like the Gītā, Upaniṣads, and Purāṇas). If we avail ourselves of Vedic wisdom, nothing will overwhelm us with depression, and happiness will come naturally and steadily.

Vic DiCara