The Goddess Nakshatra! Punarvasu


Punarvasu – the Vedic Constellation of unity, harmony, cooperation, self-replication, and self-invention. Learn how all these qualities come from the goddess of this constellation, Aditi – the very fabric of reality, mother of God and gods, mother of her own father, source of her own creation.

The image of Aditi, known commonly as “Lajja Gauri” shows her as the source of Brahmā (since she has Brahmā’s lotus as her head) and the mother of everything (since she is shown in the birthing position). Aditi is one of the many aspects of Vedic culture that destroys any misconception of it being male-centric or patriarchal.

Aditi is the fountainhead of all śakti. Devotees of The Mother often equate all of her manifestations with one another. Thus Durgā or Parvatī are often depicted in Aditi’s role as the mother of all the gods, including even Brahmā, Viṣnu, and Śiva!