Chart Example: Big Third House, but Not into Sports or Competition


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Here is a chart with a very “big” third house, but the person is not at all into one of the big themes of the third house – sports or competition in general. Let’s find out why!

Let’s start by specifying the things that make the third house of this chart “big” and “important.”

Minor factors are: Rahu is in the 3rd house with a lot of aspects from other planets; One of the Rāja-yoga in this chart occurs in the 3rd house from the moon (the rāja-yoga between Mars and Mercury), and that 3rd house from the moon also has a svakṣetrī sun (sun in its own sign).

Much, much more  importantly, the 3rd Lord is in the 10th house all by itself, as the only planet in any of the kendra (angles, houses 1, 4, 7, 19), and closely aligned with the ascendant degree. So, the third lord is immensely prominent in this chart.

Now let’s try to figure out why the sports/competition theme of the third house is not a prominent part of this person’s character and life.

Mars also represents sports and competition. Where is Mars in this chart? The 8th house – an out-of-the-way place making Mars less prominent. It is not very well aligned with the ascending degree, though it is aligned well with the Moon and Sun, but being so close to the Sun  makes it “combust,” draining its energy. So out of two factors related to sports, we only have one that is prominent.

Next, the rest of the chart is strongly slanted towards other things which have very little to do with sports and contests.

For example, Saturn’s Capricorn rises, which has much more to do with working that playing sports. With Capricorn rising and a big third house the likely outcome is an individual who would only be competitive on practical things that actually mean something tangible to the person – not in “sports” which are essentially games.

The 9th house has rāja-yoga. 9th house is interested in ethics, philosophy and ideas – not sports or competition. Harmonious with this, the 3rd lord happens to be jupiter, the planet of ethics, philosophy, wisdom and so on. So this prominent 3rd lord is a prominent Jupiter, combined with a prominent 9th house – indicating that the chart really has lots and lots of weight on ethics, philosophy and so on – topics which don’t resonate with sports and competiton.

The 8th house has rāja-yoga. 8th house is about psychology, mystery, occult, life and death and sex. These are deep and significant topics that have very little in common with sports.

The moon is in the 6th, which might be favorable to competition, but it is in Gemini, which has very little sympathy for fighting and contest. The Sun is in the 8th house and Leo, which is not interested in the risk of contest. The 1st lord is in Taurus, a sign of Venus, and the 5th house – a house of creativity and love, which has very little to do with sports and contest.

So the chart is really strongly oriented towards Jupiter, the 9th house, and the 8th house. Therefore there is nothing in the chart to really support the athletic, sporty potential of the third house. So even though the third house is prominent, other 3rd house themes will come out, not the sporting theme.

It turns out the the person with this chart is a prolific writer, and writes on philosophy, spirituality, morality, religion, and astrology. Writing is a 3rd house theme which harmonizes with the rest of the chart much more strongly than sports.

Vic DiCara