Rahu/Ketu in Leo/Aquarius

This is a very short excerpt of the teaching materials I use for teaching Level 2 astrology.

The similarity between Leo and Aquarius is that they both value loyalty. Thus, having the nodes in Leo and Aquarius symbolizes notable concern with loyalty.

The polarity between the two is that both require approval from others but Leo wants to get it by being attractive and amassing followers, while Aquarius submits the sense of self to a larger society and seeks acceptance and approval.

Rahu in Leo compels us to take leadership roles and attract people to become followers, shying away from democracy and shared power, we prefer to adopt more autocratic leadership dynamics. Rahu in Aquarius compels us to seek approval from, and acceptance with, the masses. We shy away from autocratic or monarchistic paradigms and seek democratic and shared leadership.

Vic DiCara