Dignity for Rahu and Ketu

Question: Some astrologers talk about Rahu and Ketu being affected by their rulers and by aspects to them, as though they can have better or worse dignity. Do you consider those things?

This is the approach I use to dignity for Rahu and Ketu:

Let’s say Rahu is in Pisces and aspected only by Jupiter. Then the dignity of Rahu would be 100% determined by Jupiter’s dignity.

Let’s say Rahu is in Pisces, aspected to 80% by Jupiter and 93% by Saturn. So here you have three factors. give the dispositor 100%. Then add the rest of the influence for a total of 273. Jupiter has 180 of those 273 (being both the dispositor and aspecting to 80%). So the dignity of Jupiter will account for 66% (180/273) of Rahu’s dignity. The dignity of Saturn will account for the other 34%.

So, say Jupiter’s dignity is 64% and Saturn’s is 51% (determined by varga-vimśopaka – a degree-specific dignity that accounts for several zodiac subdivisions). In this example you can “eyeball” it… The short way to do it is say “2/3s jupiter, 1/3 saturn” so you can estimate close to 60% dignity for Rahu.

But you can’t always “eyeball” it. So, the long way is:

Jupiter: 64 dignity multiplied by 66 weight = 4224
Saturn: 51 dignity multiplied by 34 weight = 1734
for a total of 5958
divide that by the total weight, 100. And you get 59.58%, which you can round up to 60.

This is much, much better than just pretending that Rahu and Ketu somehow own some signs, etc. etc. It looks like a lot of math but you can program it into a script or astro-software or even a spreadsheet, and it won’t take all that much time to figure out. It would be completely worth the effort if you want to really carefully interpret what Rahu and Ketu are doing in a horoscope.

Vic DiCara