Exalted Baddies – Episode 7 of Astro Q&A


What if a bad planet is exalted or in its own sign – is it a good or bad thing?

In synastry what do we consider to be a conjunction, opposition, trine, and so on? Is it by degree or by sign or both?

Where does the first house start? I’ve heard that the first house is considered 15 degrees before and after the ascendant. If my ascendant is 27º Gemini and my Moon is 1º Gemini… is my moon in 1st house or 12th house?

Birth Certificates are often a few minutes off… How important is accurate birthtime?

What are “muhurtas”? If, for example, the birth chart describes marriage as a positive or negative thing for a person, how much difference would a muhurta make?