Sexual Orientation, Evil Houses, Hellfire, and more! (Ep. Six of my Astro Q&A show)


How does astrology work?

My book, Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology, is all about this.

Essentially, Astrology is a way that the universe lets us know what “karmas” will unfold for us. “Karmas” are the results in this life of deeds weve done, and decisions we’ve made, in our past lives.

The planets don’t “do” anything “to” us – they are symbols, words in the language mother nature uses to communicate with us. The symbolism is basic and natural, but becomes complicated and sophisticated due to the subtleties of of all the possible combinations they form.

How reliable is Astrology?

My book, Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology, is all about this, too!

It’s reliable, but very difficult to use. It’s a lot like predicting the weather. We know a lot of the basics of how weather works, but when you put everything together in the real world, there are so many variables, it becomes very difficult to make reliable exact predictions, but you can usually get pretty close to the overall picture.

So, its about as reliable as predicting the weather, if you have a very good astrologer. And that’s very useful!

Is astrology really a “Satanic illusion” and those that believe in it going to hell?

Yet another topic I explore in depth in my book, Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology.

Giving the Bible the benefit of the doubt, whatever negative statements about astrology it might make are probably trying to communicate the valid principle that we shouldn’t try to be “smarter than God.”

Some people approach astrology as a way to outsmart their destiny. This is like trying to be “smarter than God” because God is the ultimate authority behind destiny.

But most people use astrology as it was intended: as the original essence of religion – a means to live in better harmony with destiny, the universe, “God.”

Can we know the sexual orientation of the person through his birth chart?

Look how the main pillars of the chart, and particularly the sexual symbols, align with the genders of the planets, signs and houses.

(Phaladīpika) The nine planets are grouped into three genders, and there are differences within the three planets in each of the three genders.

The dual mode signs are also significant in blurring genders.

Ian McKellen

Dual sign rises. Moon and Sun in dual signs.

1st lord with transgendered Saturn

m7L with transgendered Saturn

7th lord with transgendered Ketu, (& Venus – an important combo for other reasons)

Dual sign rises in Navamsha, Gemini – with transgendered Mercury ascending there.

Venus very strong, Mars very weak (0º)

Sexual orientation is noticeable (8L in 10H)

Sexual orientation is unusual (m8L in m6H)

Jodie Foster (similar)

Dual sign rises Moon in dual sign. Sun within 3º of transgendered Mercury

7L within 3º of masculine Sun

Dual sign rises in Navamsha, Virgo – with very masculine Mars ascending there.

Sexual orientation is noticeable (8L in 10H)

M8L w/ unusual Rahu

What are the symptoms of a bad Jupiter?

It means there is something bad about something Jupiter represents.

So – first know what Jupiter represents.

Then you have to figure out which of Jupiter’s symbolic implications would turn bad.

This depends on how Jupiter is bad – what makes it bad. And also depends on what else is bad or weak in the chart. 

What are the “evil houses” in a birth chart?

Whether a house indicates good or evil depends on the circumstances that affect it.

Still, the 12th, 6th, 8th are typically considered “difficult” houses (maybe “evil”), because they symbolize difficult things.

12th = exhaustion

6th = opposition

8th = the unknown

But with the right circumstance, these houses symbolize great things.

Good 12th = spending energy wisely.

Good 6th = overcoming, or having no enemies

Good 8th = knowledgable and perceptive.