Q & A: Zodiac Signs, Validity of Astrology, Scorpio Toughies, Chinese Astro

Question: What defines your personality more… your moon sign or your sun sign?

They show different aspects of your personality. The Sun sign shows how you approach situations requiring decisiveness, commitment, and strength. The Moon sign shows how you think and feel about things. Of the two – Sun and Moon – the Moon is more personal and important. The ranking of importance is (1) Ascendant, (2) Moon, (3) Sun.

Question: Is there good and bad in every zodiac sign ?

Yes, there is good and bad in every zodiac sign, in every astrological symbol. The Sun (and it’s zodiac sign, Leo) represents “self” – for example – but does this mean “self-confidence” or “self-centeredness”? It depends upon the positivity or negativity of the Sun in that individual person’s birth chart! A negative Sun represents self-centeredness, for example. A positive Sun: self-confidence.

Similarly, Leo, if it has benefic planets in or aspecting it, and if its lord (the Sun) is positive in the birth chart, then the good traits of Leo come out. Visa versa if Leo has malefic planets in or aspecting and if its lord is in challenging circumstances in the chart – then the bad traits of Leo come out.

Question: Do horoscopes actually mean anything? I thought they were silly, but now I kind of believe in them slightly. Do they actually have any factual stance?

Astrology is a system of trying to interpret natural symbols. So it is subject to a lot of error, but it is fundamentally a valid principle. I wrote a book called The Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology which explains all this in detail.

There is “pop-astrology” which is the “horoscopes” you get in newspapers and so on, and then there is “real-astrology” which relies on interpreting a WHOLE astrological chart for a specific INDIVIDUAL. When you have a very gifted and knowledgeable astrologer doing real-astrology for your birth chart, you get a lot of reliable, very deep, very useful practical insight and guidance.

Question: How can the newspaper horoscopes be so accurate? They always describe me so perfectly. It trips me out!

Some people have good luck with horoscopes, like you. But most people find them sometimes “accurate” and sometimes “inaccurate.” Horoscopes like what you are talking about are only the “pop-astrology” – the most simplified and least scientific application of astrology. If you start to read very learned astrologers and hear how they do real astrology, you will find something with much more consistant and reliable accuracy.

Question: Are Scorpios sensitive or tough? I know a lot of them, and they all seem so unemotional. But I heard Scorpio was a water sign… so that means they’re emotional.

The Scorpio zodiac is watery, but is ruled by Mars – so although it is emotional (water), it is also tough (Mars). That’s why we symbolize it as a scorpion – which is hard and dangerous on the outside (like Mars), but soft and fleshy on the inside (water). Scorpio is therefore characterized as a “secretive” sign, because the tendency is to defend (Mars) ones emotions, and also to have very independent and free-willed (Mars) emotions which doubt that they are very compatible with most other people.

Question: My friend always uses people. Is it because she is Cancer/Pisces?

Look for her Mars, and aspects from her Mars. Mars is the planet that is very individualistic, can be selfish, and very goal-oriented (thus can “use” people). Maybe she has a strong aspect or conjunction from Mars to her Moon (and/or ascendant, Sun, lord of the 1st house)

Question: Is Chinese astrology better than Western astrology?

If you think it’s hard to find western astrologers who practice seriously as mystic-scientists (not as pop-entertainers), you will find it a walk in the park compared to looking for serious and learned mystic-scientists in the Chinese astrology – especially if you are not Chinese yourself and don’t speak the language.