I Don’t Match My Rising Sign!?!?!?


In astrology, no single thing ever generates an outcome on its own. It is only when a few things indicate the same outcome, then the outcome is certain.

For example: I have a career with limited scope for what typically evaluates as “success.” Is it because my 12th lord is in my 10th house? Is it because my 10th lord is debilitated and joined Ketu? Is it because my Sun is in the 8th house with the 6th lord? It is not because of any one of those things, it is because I have ALL of those things. Seeing all of these indications pointing in the same direction can we confidently say that my career “success” is quite limited.

The rising sign, for example, does not singlehandedly determine how a person looks! It is one of a few factors that determine looks and primary traits. The Moon also determines the physical appearance (read any classic Sanskrit astrology text and you can’t deny this) and primary traits. The first lord is also absolutely essential.

Thus if the Rising sign is Cancer, for example, you may expect a curvy, luscious figure – but if the Moon is in Aries joined Mars and Saturn – would anyone deserving to call themselves an “astrologer” interpret a luscious, curvy, full, totally feminine figure??? Absolutely not!

Similarly, we may be shocked to find the Leo ascendant for a young lady with a very round face, large, glittering eyes, curvy figure, and shy disposition, but we should pick our jaw off the ground long enough to check the Moon and the lord of the first house. If the Moon is in Cancer, for example, this brings an interpretation of roundness, curvyness, wateriness, bigness in the eyes. And if that Cancer-Moon is in the 12th it very surely indicates shyness, demureness. And if the first lord (Sun) is joined closely to Venus, this brings more femininity (that you would expect from a Cancer ascendant). And if that Venus powerfully aspects the ascendant with the 1st lord it surely brings even more beauty, and good feminine qualities and appearances (as you would expect from a Cancer ascendant).

So, in theory, on paper, in books – we can say that Cancer rising makes a person shy, full, feminine, etc. and Leo rising makes a person outgoing, muscular, masculine, etc. But this only works on paper when you are teaching an astrologer the basic symbols and haven’t taught the person yet how to combine and balance multiple symbols. In actual practice there are 1,001 and one ways to be like a Cancer rising without having a Cancer rising sign, or to have a Cancer rising sign but not much fit the description.

Which is why astrology is a fun hobby for anyone, but if you want to rely on it you need a seasoned expert.

— Vic DiCara